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Military Health System

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Hospital Apprentice Fred McGuire

Date of Award: December 13, 1911
Conflict: Occupation of Veracruz
Branch: U.S. Navy

Hospital Apprentice Fred McGuire portraitHospital Apprentice Fred McGuire was attached to gunboat U.S.S. Pampanga, operating in support of U.S. Army troops engaged in putting down the Philippine rebels, when he and other members of a shore party landed on Basilan Island on the morning of 24 September 1911. Under orders to capture the village of Mundang, the scout party took position near a group of huts. While McGuire stood guard, the party searched the deep grasses surrounding the structures. When the Americans moved into an open area, the concealed rebels opened fire on them.

As soon as McGuire heard the calls for help, he went into action. He immediately started firing at the enemy soldiers with his rifle. After running out of ammunition, he used the weapon as a club to hold off the attackers. When his comrades arrived to help, McGuire rushed to his seriously wounded leader to give him first aid. Although McGuire suffered his own injuries, he treated as many other men as possible. Thanks to his great courage, he saved the lives of two Marines.

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Although himself wounded, Hospital Apprentice McGuire ministered tirelessly and efficiently to those who had been struck down, thereby saving the lives of two who otherwise might have succumbed to enemy-inflicted wounds


Last Updated: July 11, 2023
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