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Connected Health Education & Training

We provide innovative education and training opportunities to support the DHA's spectrum of health technologies to provide the best care possible to service members and military families. 

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Adobe Connect Resources

Getting Started with Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect Guidance for Patients

Adobe Connect Tip Sheet

Click here to launch the Intro to Adobe Connect training.

Click on the image above to access a brief training on using Adobe Connect with your MHS patients.

Education and Training Videos

Adobe Connect Virtual Visit Training for Military Health System Providers

Advancing Connected Health

DHA Security and Privacy

Evidence Base for Integrating Mobile Health

Implement Health Technology into Care

VA Mobile App Videos

Upcoming Events

Email us to join our webinars and  workshops, and get information on opportunities for obtaining Continuing Education (CE) credits:

MHS provider demonstrates a mobile health app to a patient.Resources

DHA Connected Health Education and Training provides resources to help patients and providers benefit from innovative health technology.


Patient Resources

Health Technologies for Service Members and Military Families
Military Health Podcasts
VA/Mobile Apps Resources
National Center for PTSD

Provider Resources

Health Technologies for Patients
Prescription for Connected Health Rx Pad
Connected Health Research Clearinghouse Papers
Evidence for Using Mobile Health Applications
Guide to Digital Health Technology Resources
Connected Health Device Privacy and Security

Provider Resilience Toolkit

Provider Resilience Toolkit Overview
Provider Resilience Self Care Guide
Provider Resilience Three Steps to Self Care

Mobile Apps - Self-Help Apps

Concussion Coach
COVID Coach 
Mindfulness Coach 
Mood Coach 
Moving Forward 
Pain & Opioid Safety
PTSD Coach 
PTSD Family Coach  
Stay Quit Coach 
T2 Mood Tracker
Virtual Hope Box 

Apps to Use with a Provider

ACT Coach 
CBT-I Coach 
CPT Coach 
MOVE! Coach PE Coach 
STAIR Coach 

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