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Military Health System

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Republic of Korea Army Soldiers from 302nd Battalion, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade, ROK Army Aviation Command conduct casualty evacuation drills on U.S. Army CH-47F Chinook helicopters from B Company, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division/ROK-U.S. Combined Division on February 15, 2023 in Icheon, South Korea. The role players from the Republic of Korea Army donned medical moulage kits giving the U.S. Army aircrew members practical and realistic training of boarding ambulatory casualties on both the ROK Army CH-47D and U.S. Army CH-47F helicopters. (U.S. Army photo by Capt. Frank Spatt)
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Our Strategy

Our Mission, Vision, and Values


The Military Health System's mission is to enable the Department of Defense to provide medically ready and ready medical forces by improving the health of all those entrusted to our care.


Our vision is to become the world’s role model of an integrated military system of health and readiness delivering technology-enabled, innovative, and military service-focused care in support of our nation’s military mission—anytime, anywhere.


  • Helping People Achieve Greatness
    We work in teams with passion, respect, and loyalty to create tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Selfless and Courageous Service
    We honor those who serve and commit to the health needs of our nation’s warfighters, military families, and all beneficiaries. We have the courage to do what is right and go into harm’s way to save lives.
  • Caring, Healing, and Creating Health
    We are healers dedicated to our patients. We build trusting relationships to support our patients in taking control of their health. We are compassionate and committed to reducing disease, easing suffering, and achieving peak health and wellness.

Our Pillars and Strategic Goals

Our Pillars

Our MHS strategy supports the National Defense Strategy, the National Military Strategy, and the National Biodefense Strategy and Implementation Plan. MHS is an organization driven first by requirements.

Military health care supports experienced medical forces and builds a healthy Armed Forces. To accomplish our mission, the MHS strategy builds on three pillars.

  1. Medically Ready Force
    A medically ready force is experienced and includes strong individuals able to engage in combat operations. This force meets DOD medical requirements for deployment and partners with health care delivery.
  2. Ready Medical Force
    A healthy medical force ready to deploy is part of our health support network. Operational medical forces provide three of five health capabilities: Forward resuscitative care, en route care, and theater hospitalization. Strategic medical forces continue a cycle of medical readiness that supports health service definitive care and can include large-scale combat operations.
  3. Health Care Delivery
    Our health system delivers: medical care, screening, and treatment. All patients will receive care for mental and physical fitness.

Our Strategic Goals

Take Care of Our People


Stabilize the MHS


Modernize the MHS


Integrate MHS Capabilities

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Last Updated: January 22, 2024
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