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Reserve Health Readiness Program: Service Member

Questions for Service Members

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I was told by my Commander that I need a PDHRA. What do I do?


First, complete the Service member portion of the PDHRA on your Service-specific website. Then, call the toll free PDHRA call center, which is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week at 1-888-734-7299, option 3.


How do I schedule my individual medical or dental services?


Call Customer Service at 1-800-666-2833, ext. 3555. The call center is open Monday-Friday 0700-2200 or Saturday 0700-1500 CST.


How do I start my PHA?


For USAR only, and only for an in-clinic appointment: you need to start the process on your AKO site. Complete the Service member portion and call Customer Service at 1-888-697-4299 to schedule the face-to-face appointment. If you are having problems accessing your AKO site, call the number above and complete the Service member portion over the phone.

If you are getting your PHA at a group event, you should not complete the AKO portion of the PHA as this information will be obtained at the event.

All other branches contact your command.


What is a CAE?


A Comprehensive Audio Evaluation (CAE) is more than just an audiogram and is used to determine the hearing portion of the PULHES when a possible loss of hearing has been identified. The CAE includes a bone-density screening and can also include a SPeech Recognition In Noise Test (SPRINT) if needed.


How do I get a copy of a service that I completed through the Reserve Health Readiness Program?


Please contact your Command’s IMR representative and have them follow up with RHRP.


I have a profiled PHA. How do I get my PULHES changed?


If you are in the USAR, your unit administrator needs to call your RSC. If you are in the ARNG, your unit administrator should contact the DSS for your state.


What do I need to bring to my clinic appointment?


RHRP will send (by Federal Express) a package of paperwork and/or supplies to you prior to your appointment. Please review and complete all necessary paperwork before the scheduled appointment and bring all materials with you. Also bring any relevant medical documentation (i.e., MRB, profiles, etc.) and your prescription eyeglasses if attending a PHA.


Do I have to wear my military uniform to an appointment?


You do not need to wear your uniform to an in-clinic appointment; however, contact your Command’s IMR representative for direction during a battle assembly.


Where will my appointment be scheduled?


It will be scheduled within 50 miles of your preferred zip code (i.e., home of record, work, unit etc.).


How do I get records updated if services were not performed by RHRP?


For USAR only, send appropriate documentation via email and RHRP will update MEDPROS, or let you know if the document is not acceptable.

For all other Components, contact your unit for guidance on how to update your records.


How do I find out what immunizations I am due for?


Contact your Command’s IMR representative for a MEDPROS lookup.


Is RHRP an insurance program?


No, RHRP is a DoD program designed to deliver medical and dental readiness services for the U.S. military.


What happens if I refuse services at an appointment or a group event?


If you have documentation to show you’ve had the service, you should make a copy and give it to the provider. If you just don’t want the service or are unsure if you need the service, you should contact your Command’s IMR representative for guidance before refusing the service, as there may be repercussions with your command for doing so.

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