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Military Health System

Congressional Testimonies

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Annual Report on Autism Care Demonstration Program FY 2020

Congressional Testimony

S. 1376, SASC Report for FY 2016, 114-49, Pg. 157-158

Ft. Bliss Hospital Replacement 2nd Quarter for FY2020

Congressional Testimony

H.R. 2998, HAC Milcon for FY 2018, 115-188, Pg. 27-28

Health Care Provider Appointment and Compensation Authorities for FY 2020

Congressional Testimony

S. 3254, SASC Report for FY 2013, 112-173, Pg. 132-133

National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE) Satellite Strategic Basing

Congressional Testimony

S. 2474, SAC-D Report for FY 2020, 116-103, Pg. 241

TRICARE Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration Program

Congressional Testimony

S. 2943, SASC. Report for FY 2017, 114-255, Pg. 205

TRICARE Program Effectiveness

Congressional Testimony

S. 1124 NDAA Conference Report for FY 1996; Sec. 717, As modified by S. 1356, NDAA Conference Report for FY 2016, Sec. 713

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Warfighter Respiratory Health

Congressional Testimony

S. 2474, SAC-D Report for FY 2020,116-103, Pg. 239

Co-Location of DoD and Department of VA Medical Facilities

Congressional Testimony

H.R. 2500, HASC Report for FY 2020 116-120 Pg. 159

Army Corps of Engineers Projects within the DHA

Congressional Testimony

H.R. 1625 DoD Approps Act FY 2018 Joint Explanatory Statement, Pg. 998

Rhine Ordnance Barracks Medical Center Replacement

Congressional Testimony

H.R. 2745, HAC Report for FY 2020 116-63, Pg. 19

Ft. Bliss Hospital Replacement

Congressional Testimony

H.R. 2998, HAC Milcon for FY 2018, 115-188, Pg. 27-28

TRICARE Improper Medical Claims Payments

Congressional Testimony

S. 1790, SASC Report for FY 2020, 116-48, Pg. 213-214

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Information for Patients: About TRICARE

Modification of Requirements for Longitudinal Medical Study of Blast Pressure Exposure of Members of the Armed Forces and Collection of Exposure Information

Congressional Testimony

S. 1790, NDAA Conference Report for FY 2020, 116-333, Sec. 742

Advanced Orthopedic Surgical Training

Congressional Testimony

H.R. 2968, HAC Report for FY 2020, 116-84 Pg. 313-314

Pilot Program on Display of Wait Times in Urgent Care Clinics

Congressional Testimony

S. 2943, NDAA Conference and Pharmacies of Military Medical Treatment Facilities Report for FY 2017, Sec. 744(f)

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Military Health System Transformation
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Last Updated: April 03, 2020
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