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Fact Sheets

On this page you can find various fact sheets developed by Military Health System. Please scroll down or use the search box to find specific fact sheets.

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Agenda: FEB 10, 2020


Agenda for Feb 10, 2020 DHB Meeting

DHA IPM 18-008: Use of Medical Q Services (MQS) Contract by Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs)


This Defense Health Agency-Interim Procedures Memorandum (DHA-IPM), based on the authority of References (a) through (d): • Instructs MTFs and servicing contracting offices to use the DHA MQS contracts for the procurement of health care staffing requirements for market segments of physician, nurse, dental, and ancillary contract services in the United States and its Territories. • Is effective immediately; it must be incorporated into a forthcoming change to DHA Procedural Instruction 6025.05 (Reference (g)). This DHA-IPM will expire July 31, 2020.

  • Identification #: 18-008
  • Date: 1/23/2020
  • Type: DHA Interim Procedures Memorandum
  • Topics: N/A

Uniform Formulary Drug Utilization Report FY20Q1


DoD Uniform Formulary Drug Utilization Report for FY20Q1


What is a CAE?


A Comprehensive Audio Evaluation (CAE) is more than just an audiogram and is used to determine the hearing portion of the PULHES when a possible loss of hearing has been identified. CAEs include, but are not limited to, pure tone air-conduction and bone-conduction threshold testing; speech reception threshold and word recognition testing; acoustic-immittance testing, including acoustic reflex measurements; masking, when indicated; otoacoustic emissions and a Speech Recognition in Noise Test (SPRINT), if applicable.

MTF Commander / Director CQM Toolkit


A toolkit of resources for MTF Commanders/ Directors to utilize in implementing DHA-PM 6025.13

TRICARE Dental Program Benefits, Limitations, and Exclusions (January 2020)


TRICARE Dental Program Benefits, Limitations, and Exclusions (January 2020)

Defense Medical Logistics (DML)

Glossary Term
Date of Publication:

The application of DoD standard medical logistics business processes, information systems, and collaborative management to provide the life cycle management of specialized medical products and services required to deliver military healthcare ...

Source of Definition:

DoD Instruction Number 6430.02: Defense Medical Logistics Program

Related Glossary Terms:

Defense Medical Logistics

CY 2020 DRG Updates (Revised January 15, 2020)


This document provides a discussion of the changes CMS has made to the Medicare PPS that affect the TRICARE DRG-based payment system.

CQM Staff Briefing


A briefing for staff to utilize in implementing DHA-PM 6025.13

MTF Commander/Director CQM Checklist


A checklist of actions Commander's should take to implement CQM

Seasonal Influenza Summary: Jan 15, 2020


Critically Appraised Topics: A Tool for Evidence-Based Practice


This presentation, from the Extremity Trauma and Amputation Center of Excellence, describes what critically appraised topics are and why they're helpful

CQM FAQ Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

A fact sheet providing answers to frequently asked question about CQM

Prior Authorization Medication List

Meeting Reference

Prior Authorization Medication List with Links to formulary webpage

TRICARE Retail Refund DoD Pricing Agreement


This agreement satisfies the requirement of TRICARE regulation (32 CFR 199.21(q)(2)(i)) for a manufacturer’s written agreement and for establishing refund procedures (32 CFR 199.21(q)(3)(i)).

  • Identification #: N/A
  • Date: 1/14/2020
  • Type: Guidelines
  • Topics: N/A
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