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Family Health
Woman comforts man who looks distressed holding his head in his hands while sitting on the couch together

Family Health

Sensitive Information. This content deals with difficult topics. Please view this material with a trusted adult or talk with them after viewing.


You, like other military kids, may worry about your loved one while they are deployed...

Your Family's Health

You may fear for your parents safety while they are deployed. Unfortunately, sometimes the unthinkable happens — an injury or death of your parent. The most common types of injuries include post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, or some type of physical injury. These situations are uncharted territory for you and your family. You might have these questions:

  • What is going to happen to me and my family?
  • What is post traumatic stress disorder? A traumatic brain injury?
  • Will my parent get better? How should I act around my parent?
  • Is there something I am doing that is making their symptoms worse?
  • Why do I feel angry or impatient all the time?


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