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Meeting People

Meeting People

Finding people to befriend can be intimidating. Here are a few strategies to make it easier.14

When you’re first getting to know people, ice breaker questions can also help. You can try an ice breaker activity with this worksheet or create your own here.

Join a Group

You might need to make the first move to make friends. One way to do this is to join a group. You will want to determine if a group is giving off “closed” or “open” body language. Closed groups may not like someone new joining them, while open groups may encourage it.

graphic that explains the features of closed and open groups

  • Closed group signs: standing or sitting close together; group members are exclusively focused on each other, likely all facing each other; there is a constant conversation with few pauses.
  • Open group signs: standing or sitting somewhat apart; at times, they glance around the room or focus outside the group; the conversation has gaps in it; they seem to be talking about a general interest, not something overly personal or specific.

If a group seems to be open, wait for a break in the conversation and ask if you can join them. Wait for the conversation to resume or use an open-ended question to start a new discussion.

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