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Connecting After the Move

Connecting After the Move

It’s important to feel supported and connected after a transition. Moving requires you to adjust to a new school, including different academic activities and rules, to make new friends, and adjust to a new community.10 Changing schools in the middle of a school year can also mean missing the opportunity to engage in school-related activities, like sports. It makes sense if you are having a hard time adjusting or if some moves go better than others do.13

Schools and new communities may not always do the best job recognizing your needs during the big transition times in your life.10, 13 That is not your fault! Military-connected kids represent about 4 percent of school-aged people.19 This means many kids at school are not military kids, but also know that you are not alone.13

Here are three types of relationships that can help you adjust to your new environment:

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