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Direct Sharing with the VA

Department of Defense (DoD) policy encourages Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) participation in TRICARE networks, and most VA facilities are TRICARE network providers. 

  • Many TRICARE beneficiaries are also VA beneficiaries so they can and do get health care through both departments. 
  • Some TRICARE beneficiaries transition to VA once they separate or retire from the military.

VA facilities:

  • Negotiate rates directly with the managed care support contractors
  • Are subject to the same utilization management and quality assurance requirements as other network providers

Getting care at a VA facility depends on the sponsor's military status and the patient's health care needs. >>Learn More about Using VA Facilities with TRICARE 

DoD/VA Joint Venture and Sharing Sites

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Image showing the DoD VA Joint Venture and Shared Sites

Memoranda of Agreement


Memoranda of Understanding

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Memorandum of Understanding: Health Care Resources Sharing Guidelines


This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) rescind and replace the Supplement to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DoD) Health Care Resources Sharing Guidelines, dated December 5, 2016. VA and DoD are collectively referred to in the MOU as “Partners”.

VA Requirement to Participate in TRICARE


This VA memorandum is to direct all VA medical facilities to become TRICARE Network Providers.

Memorandum of Understanding: MCSCs Entering Into Agreements with VA Facilities


The purpose of this memorandum of understanding is to establish general rquiarements for agreements between a DoD regional managed care support contractor and a VA health care facility so the VA facility can become a TRICARE network provider.

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