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eLearning Courses

Patient safety self-paced learning opportunities:

PS Learning Opportunity GraphicJoint Patient Safety Reporting

As a patient safety professional, one of your primary responsibilities is working with the Joint Patient Safety Reporting, or JPSR, system. The Joint Patient Safety Reporting Community provides a number of helpful resources, including a collection of brief training videos accessible in the Joint Knowledge Online portal. The videos in the JPSR Video Knowledge Base demonstrate the following JPSR functionalities:

  • How to Enter a Patient Safety Event.
  • Investigation Form.
  • Searching.
  • Reporting.
  • Hotspots.

A video knowledgebase completion checklist is also available. A link to this document is available above the first video link and in the “Resources” section below the videos.

Follow the below instructions to access the JPSR Video Knowledge Base.

1. Log into the JKO website.

  • CAC/VA PIV users should click on the “Create or Login with CAC” link.
  • Non CAC/VA PIV users must register for an account by clicking either “Military/Government Personnel Registration” or “Non-Government Personnel/Sponsored Account Registration” depending on your status.  

2. After logging in, click the “Community” tab.

3. Scroll down to the “Military Health System” section and click “Joint Patient Safety Reporting.”

4. A new page will open. Click on a topic of interest to watch a video.

5. A separate tab will open up with the video. Click “Play" to watch. It is recommended the videos are completed in numerical order.

6. For announcements, links and additional supporting documents return to the JPSR Community page where the videos are listed and scroll down to the "Links" section.

Root Cause Analysis

This self-paced elearning module outlines DoD Patient Safety Program’s suggested practices for conducting a root cause analysis, or RCA. The course follows the RCA process from the initial reporting of a patient safety event through the formation of the RCA team, identification of contributing factors and root causes, and the recommendation of corrective actions.

Designed for a general audience, “Root Cause Analysis” provides all levels of staff in MTFs with the information they need to actively participate in an RCA team. The course may be taken as an introduction to RCAs or as a refresher. Learners have the option of completing the entire course or taking course modules individually, depending on their needs.

  • This course takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.
  • This course is open now for enrollment.
  • This course is eligible for continuing education credit.

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