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Fraud Alerts

Select from the list below to view TRICARE fraud alerts. The alerts are listed from the most recent to the oldest.

File Date
Qui Tams Against TRICARE Contractors Unsealed - The Good News Story 7/16/2000
11th Military Retiree Convicted In Ongoing Federal Investigation Of Health Care Fraud in the Philippines 4/1/2001
TRICARE Operation Fraud Watch Tough On Health Care Abuse 3/17/2003
Waiving TRICARE Deductibles and Cost Shares Is Illegal 6/16/2006
Thomas Lutz and Health Visions Indictment 10/18/2006
The Effect of Exclusion From Participation in Federal Health Care Programs 11/3/2006
Medical Identity Theft on the Rise 12/5/2006
Medical Identity Theft 3/1/2007
TRICARE Patients Treated at Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada 3/7/2008
Arrest of Earl B. Bradley 1/14/2010
Unofficial TRICARE Websites 3/3/2010
TRICARE Lottery Sweepstakes Scam 6/8/2012
William Lewis guilty plea 2/4/2002
Chiu Lui agrees to pay $100,000 5/9/2003
Herman E. Wetsman, D.O., guilty plea 5/19/2003
Rufino Buyao Pleas Guilty 1/15/2004
Rufino E. Buyao Sentenced 1/15/2004
Jose L. Lopez Pleas Guilty 3/3/2004
Bayview and Roxbury Pharmacy 8/8/2005
Apachicola Physician Convicted on Drug and Fraud Charges 1/30/2006
The Purdue Frederick Company, Inc. and Top Executives Plead Guilty to Misbranding Oxycotin; Will Pay Over $600 Million 5/10/2007
Aventis Pays More Than $190 Million to Settle Drug Pricing Fraud Matters 9/10/2007
TRICARE's Program Integrity Office Battles Fraud 10/29/2007
Robert Stokes and Quality of Care 12/12/2007
Thomas Lutz Pleads Guilty 12/13/2006
Magnetic Therapy Center, PC. Pled Guilty to One Count Criminal Information 1/3/2001
Dr. Brooks and Dr. Jacobo Plead Guilty to Unlicensed Wholesaling of Prescription Drugs and Conspiracy 1/12/2001
Aurelio P. Jimenez, D.P.M., Pleads Guilty to Mail fraud, Offorfeiture and Criminal Contempt 1/26/2001
Settlement Reached with Genesee Valley Cardiothoracic Group 2/1/2001
Romualdo Nisaya Garcia Arrested in Philippines 2/3/2001
Dr. Fred Leslie Sentenced for Taking Kickbacks 3/23/2001
Dr. Jose E. Grau Sentenced for Taking Kickbacks 3/27/2001
24-count Indictment Returned Against HealthWise Medical Rehabilitation Centers 4/25/2001
Healthsouth Corporation Entered into a Settlement Agreement 5/18/2001
John R. Stewart M.D. Sentenced for Making False Statements 6/8/2000
James Paul Kalhorn, D.D.S. Sentenced in Federal District Court 6/1/2001
Dr. Brij K. Mittal Found Guilty 4/17/2000
Dr. Mack Ordered to Pay Damages 7/19/2000
Doctor Ira Liss Sentenced 7/28/2000
Markoll Indicted for Mail Fraud and Conspiracy 7/28/2000
Gambro Healthcare Laboratory Services Enters Settlement Agreement 8/2/2000
Ernesto V. Magoncia Sentenced to 14 Months Incarceration 1/22/2001
Grace Hosptial Settles Qui Tam Lawsuit 8/24/2001
Romualdo N. Garcia Sentenced 6/22/2001
Markoll Pleads Guilty 5/18/2001
Joel L Lang Pleads Guilty to Mail Fraud 8/30/2000
Lannes Neil Johnson Sentenced 9/15/2000
Dr. Peter W. Jannace Charged 10/3/2000
Lifescan, Inc. Pleads Guilty 12/15/2000
David Jett Sentenced 9/19/2001
Karla and Eversley Haswell Sentenced 10/17/2001
Lifeline Home Health Care Enters Settlement Agreement 10/26/2001
Eddy J Hack Sentenced 11/13/2001
Owner HealthWise Medical Rehabilitation Centers Sentenced 11/14/2001
Scott Hildago Sentenced 11/14/2001
Sutherland and Kelly Charged with Filing False Claim 4/17/2000
Samir Najjar Pleads Guilty 8/10/2000
Settlement Reached with Douglas Colkitt 9/8/2000
New England Health Associates Settles 9/13/2000
Samiha Mitwally Pleads Guilty 9/19/2000
Dr John O Donnell Sentenced 3/5/2001
Dr Samir Najjar Sentenced 4/24/2001
Samiha Mitwally Sentenced 4/26/2001
Dr. Joseph S. Olstein Pleads Guilty 7/18/2001
Settlement Reached with Nightime Pediatrics Clinic 12/12/2001
Civil Complaint Filed Against Owen McCarthy 4/17/2000
Christine Larner Warren Sentenced 4/18/2000
Arthritis Pain Center Pleads Guilty 5/19/2000
Barbara J. Reuter Pleads Guilty 5/22/2000
Civil Settlement Reached with Rehabilicare 1/23/2001
Dr Kosmas Sarantis Sentenced 1/25/2001
Rogelio Taaca Rosario Sentenced 1/30/2001
Settlement Reached with Catholic Health Care West and Mercy Health Care 5/16/2001
Richard J. Anderson Pleads Guilty 8/25/1999
Sarantis and Patel Indicted 5/24/2000
Stephen Scott McLemore Sentenced 9/6/2000
Olstein Charged with Conspiracy to Defraud 4/11/2001
Dr Lucia Pinon Quintana Charged with Income Tax Evasion 7/11/2001
15-Count Indictment Returned Against Rick A. Shacker 8/9/2001
Samuel E. Wahba Found Guilty 8/10/2001
Jay Ronnie Roffman Enters Plea Agreement 10/4/2001
Rodolfo Racho Seguban Sentenced 10/18/2001
Rick Robison Appears for Sentencing 11/27/2001
Indictment Against Dr. Forrest H. Braack 3/1/2001
Steven Carl Bradley and Robert Todd Willis Sentenced 3/15/2001
Dr. Russell Bufalino and Dr. Robert Hartzel Sentenced 3/16/2001
Michael Anderson Charged 4/14/2000
Edward Carlton Pleads Guilty 4/27/2000
Central Ambulance Service Charged 4/28/2000
Robin Andres Pleas Guilty to Conspiracy 5/18/2000
Dr Allen Lee Paris Convicted 7/21/2000
Nasser Ordoubadi Pleas Guilty 8/4/2000
Frances Carr Casper Sentenced 8/8/2000
Dr. John A. Campa, III Pleads Guilty 4/17/2001
Dr. Bipin Patel Sentenced 4/19/2001
Eileen B Aird Pleasds Guilty 6/11/2001
Jack Campo Sentenced 6/12/2001
Owner Respiratory Druggist Pleas Guilty 6/28/2001
Dr. Steven K. Brooks Sentenced 8/9/2001
Dr. William Liebman Charged 12/8/1999
Arthritis Pain Center Sentenced 8/18/2000
John A. Campa III Indicted 8/22/2000
Ordoubadi, Jorgensen, Sorensen and Andres Sentenced 10/27/2000
Dr. Michael N. Baker Settles 11/8/2000
Steven Carl Bradley Convicted 12/5/2000
Caritas Medical Group Paid Fine 8/21/2001
John A. Campa III Sentenced 8/24/2001
Eileen B. Aird Sentenced 9/26/2001
Owners Respiratory Druggist Sentenced 11/15/2001
Columbia HCA Sentenced to a Criminal Fine 1/11/2001
Herbert A. Daniels Indicted 1/17/2001
Whitney B. Freeman, M.D., Pleaded Guilty 1/23/2001
Columbia Homecare Group Pleaded Guilty 1/25/2001
Romulo D. Estoesta Sentenced 3/20/2001
Shahriar Ekbatani Pled Guilty 1/8/2001
Dr. Herbert A. Daniels Charged 4/12/2000
Floyd Joseph Warwick Sentenced 4/25/2000
Lawrence Edwin Crumbliss Found Guilty 7/25/2000
Community Clinical Laboratory Leaders Sentenced 4/20/2001
Dr. Whitney B. Freeman Sentenced 4/24/2001
Suman Dewan M.D. Indicted 5/3/2001
Lawrence Edwin Crumbliss Sentenced 5/17/2001
Carol Doggette Sentenced 5/18/2001
HealthWise Medical Rehabilitation Centers Found Guilty 7/19/2001
Suman Dewan M.D. Pled Guilty 8/1/2001
Dialysis Holdings Laboratory Services, Inc. Enters Settlement Agreement 8/2/2000
Civil Complaint Filed Against Dr. Forrest H. Braack 12/14/2000
The Healthcare Company Pleads Guilty 12/14/2000
Danny M. Corpuz Sentenced 12/19/2000
Suman Dewan M.D. Sentenced 10/10/2001
Carol Doggette Pled Guilty 11/9/2000
Dr. Herbert Arnold Daniels Convicted 12/3/2001
Bert Fish Medical Center Enters Agreement 12/14/2001
20-Count Indictment Against Susanne M. Allen 12/19/2001
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Data Breach 2/11/2015
TRICARE Beneficiaries Being Targeted by Call Centers and Others For Unsolicited Medical Prescriptions 4/10/2015
TRICARE Beneficiaries Being Targeted by Fraudulent Mailing Offer to Be Secret Shoppers 8/26/2015
Fraud Alert - Nine Arrested and One Surrendered in Latest Compound Pharmacy Action 10/17/2016

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Dr. William Liebman Charged


Liebman charged with diluting child vaccines to the point that the patient may not have been effectively immunized against diseases like Hepatitis B, meningitis and whooping cough.

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Richard J. Anderson Pleads Guilty


Anderson pled guilty to one count of theft by swindle in excess of $35,000 and one count of medical assistance fraud in excess of $2,500.

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