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Acquisition, Procurement and Small Business

Are you a vendor interested in doing business with the Defense Health Agency?

Here, you can find information about the following:

Highlights include:

  • Contact information
  • Upcoming events for vendors
  • Forecasts of business opportunities

Email 📧 for Vendor Unsolicited Proposal Submission

Governing instruction for DHA Unsolicited Proposals Guide available for additional Unsolicited Proposal Submission (USP) guidance. 

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DHA Long Range Forecast


This listing is DHA’s long range forecast of upcoming business opportunities. The format displays data fields that industry leaders suggested DHA should publish in order that industry have sufficient information to plan to effectively support the Agency’s requirements. The DHA staff will continue to validate this information and work to fill in data fields currently showing as To Be Determined (TBD).

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Acquisition and Procurement
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