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Military Health System

Limb Trauma Educational Series Archive Presentations

Date Speaker Title Recording Notes 
3/23/2022 Ms. Kimberly Bernato Lower Extremity Residual Limb Care  
2/23/2022 Mr. Sean McClure Quorum Prosthetics  

Dr. Teresa Brininger / Dr. Dawn Golding / Dr. Lisa Prasso / Ms. Marie Black

Evidence Based Rehabilitation Protocols
Across the Amputation Rehabilitation Centers
Part One: Lower Limb  
12/08/2021 Ms. Chelsea Welch Naked Prosthetics  
10/27/2021 Ms. Kathy Kirchner Home Modifications
9/22/2021 Ms. Molly McCoy Clinical Clinical Reasoning & Documentation Templates for Prosthetics & Orthotics  
8/25/2021 Dr. Elizabeth Russell Esposito Energy Storing and Returning AFOs  
7/28/2021 Dr. Crunkhorn/ Mr. Campbell Outcome Measures Decision Algorithms  
6/23/2021 Kurt Collier OPRA/eOPRA  
5/26/2021 Joshua Mullins iFIT Prosthetics  
4/28/2021 Dr. Crunkhorn/ Mr. Campbell Outcome Measures  
3/24/2021 CPT Nicolle Curtis Nutrition in the Polytrauma Patient  
2/24/2021 Ignacio Gaunard, PhD CLASS- Comprehensive Lower Limb Amputee Socket Survey  
10/28/2020 Dr. Daniel Lee The Development and Validation of the Self-Management Assessment of the Residuum and Prosthesis (S.M.A.R.T.)  
8/26/2020 COL Vanessa Meyer Holistic Rehabilitation: Enhancing Readiness, Cultivating Wellness  
7/22/2020 MAJ Leigh Ann Lechanski Dry Needling--Applications for Neuromuscular Dysfunction  
6/24/2020 Craig Armstrong Functional Benefits of Kinematically Coupled Knee and Ankle in an MPK  
5/27/2020 COL Kyle Potter Combat-Related Heterotopic Ossification  
04/22/2020 Dr. Robert Gregg Intuitive Clinician Control Interface for a Powered Knee-Ankle Prosthesis  
02/26/2020 Mr. Chris Deck Blood Flow Restriction  
01/22/2020 Dr. Edmund Howe Ethics in Amputations  
12/4/2019 Dr. Lee Childers Prosthetic Knees and Alignment  
10/23/2019 Dr. Levin Sliker / Dr. Richard Weir Prosthetic Options for People with Partial Hand Amputation and the Evolving Role of Additive Manufacturing  
8/28/2019 Mr. Johnny Owens Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation for the Amputee Must be viewed in CLASSIC VIEW
7/24/2019 Mr. Jack Richmond Amputation- Recovery and Beyond Must be viewed in CLASSIC VIEW
6/26/2019 Dr. Dillingham/ Josh Mullins iFit Prosthetics Must be viewed in CLASSIC VIEW
5/22/2019 Mr. Jonathan Cook The Espire Elbow and Electronic Axis: Upper Limb Innovations from College Park Must be viewed in CLASSIC VIEW
4/24/2019 Dr. Elizabeth Russell Esposito Gait Analysis for Patients with Severe Lower Limb Injuries Must be viewed in CLASSIC VIEW
3/27/2019 Dr. Courtney Stewart Intense Noise Exposure and Peripheral Vestibular Injury: An Updated Perspective on Fall Risk Must be viewed in CLASSIC VIEW
1/23/2019 Ms. Tonya Osborne Simpson Peer Support: Connections that Matter Must be viewed in CLASSIC VIEW
11/28/2018 Mr. Nathan Sprunger Introducing the TASKA Multi-Articulating Hand Must be viewed in CLASSIC VIEW
10/24/2018 Dr. Carol Miller / Dr. Bethany Nelson High Level Lower Extremity Amputation Must be viewed in CLASSIC VIEW
Last Updated: March 30, 2022
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