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EACE Journal Publications: Fiscal Year 2018

Following is a summary of published results in FY18 for several key research initiatives and focused research efforts.

A manual physical therapy intervention for symptoms of knee osteoarthritis and associated fall risk: A case series of four patients

Modulation of vertical ground reaction impulse with real-time biofeedback: A feasibility study

Muscle function and coordination of stair ascent

Walking speed differentially alters spinal loads in persons with traumatic lower limb amputation

Healthy Individuals are more maneuverable when walking slower while navigating a virtual obstacle course

Secondary Health Effects after Neuromusculoskeletal injury/Limb Loss

Associations between trunk postural control in walking and unstable sitting at various levels of task demand

Trunk muscle activation patterns among persons with lower limb loss: Influences of walking speed

Biopsychosocial risk factors associated with chronic low back pain after lower limb amputation

Incidence of overuse musculoskeletal injuries in military service members with traumatic lower limb amputation

Low back pain in persons with lower extremity amputation: a systematic review of the literature

Knee adduction moment peak and impulse do not change during the first six months of walking with a prosthesis

Transfemoral amputee intact limb loading and compensatory gait mechanics during down slope ambulation and the effect of prosthetic knee mechanisms

Advanced Prosthetics

Differences in myoelectric and body-powered upper-limb prostheses: Systematic literature review update 2013–2016

Customized 3D-Printed Prosthetic Devices for Wounded Warriors

Comparative efficacy of transfemoral prosthetic interfaces: Analysis of gait and perceived disability

Mechanical and dynamic characterization of prosthetic feet for high activity users during weighted and unweighted walking

Crossover study of amputee stair ascent and descent biomechanics using Genium and C-Leg prostheses with comparison to non-amputee control

Function, quality of life, and community integration of DEKA Arm users after discharge from prosthetic training: Impact of home use experience

How do the outcomes of the DEKA Arm compare to conventional prostheses?

Maintenance of muscle strength retains a normal metabolic cost in simulated walking after transtibial limb loss

Creative prosthetic foot selection enables successful ambulation in stiletto high heelsCreative prosthetic foot selection enables successful ambulation in stiletto high heels

Community Reintegration

Measurement of attentional reserve and mental effort for cognitive workload assessment under various task demands during dual-task walking

Do gait and functional parameters change after transtibial amputation following attempted limb preservation in a military population?

Psychosocial reactions to upper extremity limb salvage: A case series

Regenerative Medicine

The convergence of regenerative medicine and rehabilitation: Federal perspectives


Histologic accuracy of Mohs Micrographic Surgery

The role of exercise testing in predicting successful ambulation with a lower extremity prosthesis: A systematic literature review and clinical practice guideline

Limb Loss Surveillance

Major deployment-related amputations of lower and upper limbs, active and reserve components, U.S. Armed Forces, 2001-2017

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