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Defense and Veterans Eye Injury and Vision Registry

This DOD registry uses vision data to guide research. It also strives to improve eye care. Here is how we support the eye care, research, and academic communities:

Collecting Data

  • We gather eye injury and vision-related data to improve military medicine.
  • Track major eye injuries in active duty service members.
  • Coordinate care between the DOD and VA.
  • Support long-term studies on how to prevent and treat vision issues.

Data Access and Research Help

  • We provide important vision data and offer research support.
  • DVEIVR data gives researchers and medical staff accurate information to improve military eye care.
  • Researchers can access this data through the CarePointGoes to CarePointsite site (CAC-required).
  • The site has a self-service Business Intelligence tool.
  • This tool uses a special ocular vocabulary created by our experts.
  • It lets researchers create custom reports and turn data into useful information.
  • This tool can be a model for other medical communities.

Customized Reports

The registry offers customizable reports to fit specific research and medical needs. These reports show details of eye injuries. They support research and policy decisions to enhance eye care results.

  • Counts dashboard
  • Data exploration
  • Diagnosis counts
  • Procedure counts
  • Registry ID card
  • VCE’s Military Ocular Injury Report

Academia can request data from DVEIVR through a Data Request Form by contacting us at:

Shaping Vision-Related Policies

  • We examine ocular data to help shape policies.
  • We create interactive reports from clinical health registries.
  • These reports provide concise information to inform research and policy.

Video: Defense and Veterans Eye Injury and Vision Registry

Last Updated: July 11, 2024
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