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Surveillance Case Definitions

Standard surveillance case definitions used by the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch (AFHSB) for routine surveillance and reporting. These case definitions have been designed for use with administrative healthcare data derived from the U.S. military electronic health record (EHR) and contained in the Defense Medical Surveillance System (DMSS) and other available datasets.

Note: On October 1, 2015, the International Classifications of Disease, 10th Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) replaced ICD-9-CM for coding of morbidity data. In response to this transition, AFHSB has developed ICD-10 code sets for many of the Branch's surveillance case definitions. If available*, the proposed ICD10 code set is included in the code table within the condition-specific case definition. The validity of these code sets will be evaluated when ICD-10 data is available.

3.0 Dental

No case definitions at this time

11.0 Infectious Disease

18.0 Rheumatology

No case definitions at this time

19.0 Surgical Procedures

Appendectomy*; See "Appendicitis" Case Definition
Cholecystectomy*; See "Gallbladder Disease" Case Definition
Hiatal Hernia Repair*; See "Hiatal Hernia" Case Definition


*Case definition includes proposed ICD-10 code set; validity will be evaluated after ICD-10 coding is implemented.


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