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Deployment Health

The Deployment Health Branch provides product development and deployment health execution guidance in order to optimize Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) and keep a healthy and fit fighting force which is medically ready to deploy at any time.

Deployment Health leads the charge in managing IMR, Reserve Health Readiness, Periodic Health Assessments (PHAs), and Deployment Related Health Assessments.

Individual Medical Readiness

IMR is a means to assess an individual service member’s, or larger cohort’s, readiness level against established metrics applied to key elements of health and fitness to determine medical deployability in support of contingency operations.

IMR consists of core medical requirements that service members must maintain at all times. Commanders and senior leaders constantly monitor IMR status to ensure a maximum state of mission readiness.

Reserve Health Readiness Program

Reserve Health Readiness is a DoD program that helps supplement the Reserve component’s readiness mission and satisfy key deployment requirements by providing medical and dental services to all Reserve component forces through IMR services, PHA, and Post-Deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA). 

Periodic Health Assessments

The PHA is the key process for assessment and maintenance of the currency of IMR using DD Form 3024. The PHA is used to:

  • Identify duty limiting and deployment limiting conditions
  • Fulfill the required annual Mental Health Assessment
  • Monitor and guide military personnel in the area of preventive health screening and education
  • Screen for currency of occupational medical examinations and other health assessments

Deployment Related Health Assessments

The Deployment Related Health Assessments (DRHAs) are used to screen service members at critical milestones in the deployment process. They provide an opportunity to identify health concerns before and after deployment and to facilitate appropriate care.

Deployment Related Health Assessments include:

  • Pre-Deployment Health Assessment - required within 120 days of deployment. 
  • Post-Deployment Health Assessment - required +/-30 days of redeployment.
  • Post-Deployment Health Reassessment - required 90-180 days after redeployment.  

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