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Biological Surveillance Tools

The Force Readiness and Health Assurance (FR&HA) and Medical Countermeasures (MCM) divisions of Health Readiness Policy & Oversight help carry out and advocate the use of Health Surveillance activities within the Department of Defense. These initiatives provide early warning of infectious disease outbreaks, hazardous environmental exposures, or possible bioterrorist attacks by spotting trends of public health importance. The Director of Global Health Surveillance is responsible for supporting the collection and generation of reports that cover diseases, injury, occupational / environmental health, mortality, and outbreaks.

Check out our Environmental Exposures page to learn more on CB agents and deployment-related exposure incidents and trends.

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Global Influenza Surveillance briefing for the Defense Health Board May 3, 2007

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Program Areas CBRN Protection

Fact Sheet

The Medical Countermeasures (MCM) Directorate assists in protecting U.S. forces that are globally engaged and at potentially increased risk to being exposed to naturally occurring substances or encountering manufactured chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) agents that adversaries may seek to use against them.

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Coordination of Policy to Establish a Joint Theater Trauma Registry


Medical Surveillance Information Management Strategy for Force Health Protection


Policy for DoD Global, Laboratory-Based Influenza Surveillance


Policy for National Surveillance for Birth Defects Among Department of Defense (DoD) Health Care Beneficiaries


Reportable Disease Database


HA 96-019: Medical Surveillance for U.S. Forces Deploying in Support of NATO Peace Implementation in Bosnia


This memo outlines the plan for Medical Surveillance for U.S. Forces Deploying in Support of NATO Peace Implementation in Bosnia

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