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CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Training Center

Find below all of the COVID-19 vaccine training material available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This page is reviewed daily and more content is added as soon as it becomes available. You can use the following links to navigate this page and access the corresponding training materials:

CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Training

CDC has created a single web-on-demand, self-paced training module for healthcare providers who administer COVID-19 vaccines. The module provides information about COVID-19 vaccine Emergency Use Authorization and safety, approved COVID-19 vaccines, and guidelines for vaccine storage, handling, administration, and reporting. This comprehensive, 45-minute module replaces four earlier modules that individually reviewed immunization best practices and vaccine-specific guidance. At the conclusion of the session, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe storage and handling requirements for COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Describe vaccine preparation procedures for COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Describe vaccine administration procedures for COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Locate current immunization resources to increase knowledge of team’s role in program implementation for improved team performance.

Instructions for obtaining a certificate of completion are at the end of this module.

COVID-19 Vaccine Training: What Healthcare Professionals Need to Know

In order to receive continuing education for this activity, please visit the CDC’s Training and Continuing Education Online at and follow the 9 Simple Steps to Earn CE.

CE credit expires on Aug. 17, 2025. If you have any questions or problems, contact the CDC via email at

CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Webinars

CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Storage and Handling

The CDC's Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit has been updated with a COVID-19 Vaccine Addendum with information on storage and handling best practices for COVID-19 vaccines. This addendum will be updated with specific storage and handling information for each COVID-19 product.

CDC Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit

CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Resources

Last Updated: June 14, 2024
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