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Immunization Tool Kit

The Immunization Healthcare Division has completed the Ninth Edition of the Immunization Tool Kit (ITK), which is now available in print exclusively to health care personnel within the Department of Defense. The ITK is a comprehensive resource booklet based on military immunization policy, national recommendations, evidenced-based, peer-reviewed published medical literature, and clinical practice guidelines.

IHD maintains a comprehensive list of updates, which you can find cataloged here.

Get the Ninth Edition

Tool Kit

To order a hard copy of the ITK, please visit our ordering page below (CAC authentication required) and provide the requested information. If you have a technical problem accessing or completing the order form, please send an email to DoD immunization activities can order up to 30 ITKs per order. You can view detailed ordering instructions here. Once your order is placed, you will receive confirmation that it was received and another notification when your order has been processed and shipped. Questions about the ordering process or order status should be sent to or by phone at 877-438-8222, Option 2.

Order printed copies

Download the electronic version

The ITK Ninth Edition is also available electronically in pdf format. You can navigate through the electronic ITK by using the bookmarks  embedded in the Table of Contents, which is found on pages v-vii. Clicking on any of the entries in the Table of Contents will take you directly to the corresponding page number where the content is located.

Updates to the Ninth Edition

The following pages have been updated since the ITK Ninth Edition was released in October 2019. Any updated pages will be displayed and cataloged below, and can be printed and added individually into hard copies of the ITK.

Updated content Date
Pages 2-57 to 2-58: Typhoid Vaccine (Adult)
May 15, 2023
Pages 3-57 to 3-58: Typhoid Vaccine (Pediatric) May 15, 2023
Pages 2-55 to 2-56: Tick-Borne Encephalitis (Adult)
April 17, 2023
Pages 3-55 to 3-56: Tick-Borne Encephalitis (Pediatric)
April 17, 2023
Pages 2-2 to 2-11: 2023 Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule
April 17, 2023
Pages 3-2 to 3-13: 2023 Recommended Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule
April 17, 2023
Pages 3-17 to 3-22: Summary of Recommendations for Child-Teen Immunizations
April 17, 2023
Pages 2-12 to 2-13: Cholera Vaccine (updates age indication) February 23, 2021
Pages 4-11 to 4-13: Vaccine Storage and Handling Requirements
January 14, 2021
Pages 2-14 to 2-17: Hepatitis A B and Combination AB Vaccines: Adult
September 25, 2020
Page 3-25: Hepatitis A Vaccine: Pediatric
September 25, 2020
Page 1-22 to 1-23: Routine Immunization Screening Form: Pediatric
April 30, 2020
Page 1-24 to 1-25: Routine Immunization Screening Form: Adult
April 30, 2020
Pages 2-20 to 2-21: Inactivated Influenza Vaccine: Adds information on Southern Hemisphere flu vaccine
March 9, 2020
Page 4-11: Vaccine Storage and Handling Requirements: Cholera update under "Other Comments"
March 3, 2020
Last Updated: May 16, 2023
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