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Vaccines during pregnancy

If you are pregnant, getting vaccinated can help protect your baby after birth by passing on antibodies.These antibodies can give your baby short-term protection from flu and whooping cough until it is time for their own vaccines.

Ask your provider about the vaccines you need during pregnancy to protect yourself and your baby.

Maternal Vaccination

  • Flu shots have been given to millions of pregnant women over many years with a good safety record.There is a lot of evidence that flu shots can be given safely during pregnancy.
  • The Tdap vaccine is very safe for pregnant women and their babies. Getting the vaccine during your pregnancy will not put you at increased risk for pregnancy complications.

Vaccine timing

  • A Tdap vaccine sometime during the 27th through 36th week of each pregnancy provides the best protection against whooping cough for both you and your baby.
  • A flu vaccine during any trimester of each pregnancy provides the best protection against flu for both you and your baby.

Disease risks

  • Flu can be more serious for pregnant women. Changes in the immune system, heart, and lungs during pregnancy make pregnant women more prone to severe illness from flu. Risk of premature labor and delivery is increased in pregnant women with flu.It is very important for pregnant women to get the flu shot.
  • Since 2010, CDC sees between 10,000 and 50,000 cases of whooping cough in the United States. Most of the deaths each year are in babies younger than 3 months of age.Getting a Tdap vaccine during pregnancy will give your baby some short-term, early protection against whooping cough.

Seven Things You Need to Know About Vaccines and Pregnancy

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