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Military Health System

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Reserve Health Readiness Program

Reserve Health Readiness Program is the Department of Defense, Defense Health Agency, program that provides Individual Medical Readiness (IMR), Dental Readiness, and deployment services to Active Duty and Reserve service members geographically remote from military treatment facilities. RHRP provides remote individual medical readiness for DOD service members beyond those available through military treatment facilities and organic capabilities. 

Mission: Defense Health Agency supports our Nation by improving health and building readiness — making extraordinary experiences ordinary and exceptional outcomes routine.

Purpose: Support DOD health readiness mission through delivery of medical and dental services required to meet Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) and Deployment Health standards.

Success: Cost effective application of Service Component funding, maximizing the number of IMR, deployment, and approved services in the quantity, time, and place required.   

Learn more about the RHRP Transition.

Who We Serve 

Official seals of the Reserve Component.Select your Service Component below to learn about the specific services we provide to you:

What We Do

The RHRP provides Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) and deployment readiness services to nearly 400,000 Service Members (SMs) and DOD Civilians annually.  a.m

How We Deliver Services

RHRP provides contracted services through three modalities: Call Center, In-Clinic, and Group Events (54 States/Territories, Germany). Individual Service Members schedule services by calling the RHRP Call Center.

Some services can be provided entirely through the Call Center.

RHRP Call Center MHA / PDHRA Call Center 
1-833-782-7477 1-833-782-7477
Mon-Fri: 7 a.m.–10 p.m. CST (Option #2 Afterhours)
Sat.: 7 a.m.–3 p.m. CST 24/7 

RHRP provides in-clinic appointments to individual service members through our nationwide network of civilian medical and dental providers, typically within 50 miles of the service member’s home of record or workstation of choice. 

RHRP provides Group Event services as requested by a Commander and approved by the Service Component. Either the vendor delivers group event services within unit facilities or other fixed medical facilities nearby, with all equipment, supplies and staff provided, unless otherwise noted by RHRP.

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Reserve Health Readiness Program Services Determined by Branch

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DHA Supports National Guard and Reserve Deployment Health Needs

U.S. Navy Chief Information Systems Technician Caleb Korrell, from Cheyenne Wells, Colorado, has his blood drawn by U,S, Navy Hospitalman Jaysean Sales, from Los Angeles, during a physical health assessment rodeo in the hangar bay on Sept. 23, 2022. The Reserve Health Readiness Program helps maintain readiness and satisfy key deployment requirements by providing medical and dental services to all National Guard, Reserve and active duty service members. (Photo by U.S. Navy Spec. 2nd Class Zack Guth)

The Reserve Health Readiness Program (RHRP) helps supplement the reserve component’s readiness mission and satisfy key deployment requirements by providing medical and dental services to all reserve components and active duty members serving in remote locations.

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DoD Directive 1200.17: Managing the Reserve Components as an Operational Force


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Policy Guidance for Deployment-Limiting Psychiatric Conditions and Medications


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Last Updated: March 14, 2023
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