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Health Innovation Toolkit

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Health Innovation – Pathways to Ready Reliable Care

The Military Health System (MHS) Monthly theme is Health Innovation – Pathways to Ready Reliable Care. The MHS culture of innovation is always seeking out and implementing new, effective, and efficient ways to protect, support, and promote the health and welfare of the military community. 

Health Innovation and Total Force Fitness 

Total Force Fitness focuses on seamlessly integrating fitness of every aspect of the mind, body, and spirit. This requires finding new ways to promote performance, readiness and overall wellness of service members, military families and all MHS patients.

Health Innovations across the MHS Enterprise

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted every element of how the MHS did business. Innovation in other areas continued during the pandemic, including things like research on the use of electrodes to treat traumatic brain injury, boothless audiometry, remote and virtual medicine, and patient safety.

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Health Innovation

Health Innovation

The Military Health System discusses how innovations in the healthcare community during COVID-19 have greatly affected us.

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Health Innovation – Pathways to Ready Reliable Care | Health Innovations across the MHS Enterprise | Health Innovation Toolkit | Health Innovation Toolkit
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Last Updated: January 18, 2022

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