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Ready Reliable Care Communications Toolkit

Ready Reliable Care Communications Toolkit poster

Download a PDF of the Ready Reliable Care Communications Toolkit

Ready Reliable Care is our coordinated effort to advance high reliability practices across the Military Health System (MHS). It draws upon the achievements of each of the service medical departments and the Defense Health Agency (DHA) to strengthen our culture of safety, grow our continuous process improvement efforts, maintain our leadership commitment, and foster patient centeredness.

Ready Reliable Care is a DHA strategic priority to drive better outcomes for patients, staff, and the enterprise.

This Ready Reliable Care Communications Toolkit provides resources to help you brief, educate, engage staff, and celebrate Ready Reliable Care across your team or facility. These resources include:

  • Briefing materials
  • Talking points
  • Educational products
  • Digital tools
  • Visual resources

Click on the products listed below to view and download. Refer to the complete toolkit for full product descriptions and how to use them.

Materials for Senior Leaders and Champions

Use to communicate about Ready Reliable Care with staff


Handouts and Flyers

Print these items as 8.5” (W) x 11” (H) flyers to distribute to staff and around facilities


Key Messages and Talking Points

Use these materials to talk about Ready Reliable Care in meetings, briefings, and speeches


Print-Ready Content

Print these items as 18” (W) x 24” (H) posters to hang in your facility


Digital and Social Media Content

Use these graphics and messages on social media and other digital platforms


Portable Content

See samples of promotional items such as badge cards and wallet cards


Briefing Decks and Slides

Use these materials to brief Ready Reliable Care across your team or facility


Additional Communication Resources

Use these Ready Reliable Care branding materials to support communications development


High Reliability Accomplishments Resources

Use these materials to share achievements in advancing high reliability



Watch these videos to learn what Ready Reliable Care is and what it means for the DHA

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Last Updated: January 18, 2022

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