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Lt. Col. John Skinner

Date of Award: Unknown
Conflict: Indian Wars
Branch: U.S. Army

Lt. Col. John Skinner (Assistant Surgeon) portraitLt. Col. John Skinner was a civilian contract surgeon who served in the Army during the Indian Wars. As an assistant surgeon, Skinner was one of the four officers to accompany Gen. George Crook on investigations through the Navajo-Apache territories, and he was the guardian of Apache leader Geronimo, during his imprisonment in Florida. He was given the Medal of Honor in April 1915 by President Woodrow Wilson, for bravery in the Modoc Indian War in southern Oregon. The award required a special act of Congress since he was not a member of the armed forces at the time, yet his heroics were worthy of commendation.

Citation: “Rescued a wounded soldier who lay under a close and heavy fire during the assault on the Modoc stronghold after 2 soldiers had unsuccessfully attempted to make the rescue and both had been wounded in doing so.”

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