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Photo: Soldier sleeping on the ground.

Getting sufficient rest each night ensures optimal mental performance and can help alleviate stress. Sleep also physically restores your body and strengthens your immune system against illness and disease. Visit the following sites for information on the importance of sleep and how to ensure you’re getting enough.

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Restorative effects of sleep examined by Naval Research committee

U.S. Army Soldiers awake in their hasty fighting position after a night patrol in the mountains near Sar Howza, Paktika province, Afghanistan.

Lack of sleep can aggravate PTSD and TBI and increase risk of obesity, heart attack and stroke in the military—the “Restorative Effects of Sleep” workshop, convened by the Office of Naval Research and Human Performance Optimization Committee, addressed these concerns.

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Preventive Health Tip 2

Preventive Health Month Tip 2: Better Sleep Habits

Help your child get adapted to healthy sleep habits before school starts.

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