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Defense Medical Research Network

Defense Medical Research Network LogoThe Defense Medical Research Network is a DoD-wide web-based solution for research management, compliance, and oversight needs. The network is a place to store and access data, search and share submissions, network with members of the DoD medical research community, gain guidance and support, and manage related aspects of the research process – securely and efficiently.

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Help and Support

  • If you are having trouble accessing the electronic institutional review board (EIRB) application, don't have a CAC, have questions about how to use EIRB, or have questions about your local forms, policies or procedures, please contact your local research administration staff. 
  • If you are having network connectivity issues you should contact your local network help desk. 

NOTICE: The information, documents, and forms available on this website are specific to institutions under the purview of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness and should only be referenced or cited by FHP&R personnel. Consult with individual departments or agencies for components/Service specific guidance.

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