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Research Integrity and Misconduct Program

OUSD(P&R) is committed to promoting the highest standards of ethical research.  The foundation of all scientific and research endeavors is the integrity of the process. The term research integrity includes not only the ideals of honesty, fairness, but also compliance with research guidelines and policies.

DoD policy along with Federal regulations require that OUSD(P&R) institutions assume primary responsibility for prevention, detection, and investigation of research misconduct and take action to ensure the integrity of research. To support, R2O2 has established a Research Integrity and Misconduct Program.  The policies established by R2O2 provide standards of ethical behavior for all P&R institutions and prescribe procedures for due process and discipline for deviation from those standards.

Vision Statement

To emphasize research integrity by promoting and ensuring adherence to ethical and scientific standards of conduct. R2O2 maintains policies and procedures to fairly and adequately respond to allegations of research misconduct.


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DoD Instruction 3210.07: Research Integrity and Misconduct


This Instruction supplements the policy established by paragraph 4.8. of reference (a) and implements subparagraph 5.1.5. of reference (a) by specifying detailed procedures and standards for the Department of Defense for the prevention of research misconduct. This Instruction is consistent with the "Federal Policy on Research Misconduct" (reference (b)), which calls upon those Federal Agencies that support or conduct research on an intramural or extramural basis to issue policies and procedures that conform to the Federal policy.

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