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TRICARE Encounter Data

TED records, collects, verifies and tracks millions of dollars annually in Purchased CareThe TRICARE Health Program is often referred to as purchased care. It is the services we “purchase” through the managed care support contracts.purchased care claims and encounter data for TRICARE.

TRICARE Encounter Data Yeah It is Fast

How it Works

  • Health care providers submit claims to insurance carriers for payment-of-services rendered by TRICARE patients
  • Using TED, the carriers then electronically transmit their claims payment information to TRICARE

Product Features

  • Simplify electronic claims processing and automates claims acceptance
  • Validate claim payments within 24 hours of submission
  • Help civilian providers get paid promptly for their services

Benefits to the Defense Health Agency

  • Prevent payment for duplicate, fraudulent or erroneous claims
  • Create shorter billing cycles
  • Provide data for developing health care trends and budget projections

Downloadable Fact Sheet (PDF)

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