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Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging (SM) gives patients who get care at a military hospital or clinic the ability to securely communicate with their health care team.

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Product Features

  • Provide standard and customizable templates for patients to communicate securely with their health care team about chronic and minor medical issues, prescription renewals and refills, appointment scheduling requests and notification of test results
  • Provide the primary care team with the ability to send targeted broadcast messages
  • Provide access to a large, peer-reviewed patient education library
  • Allow patients to record medical history in their personal health record, and grant, read or write access to health care team

Benefits to the Defense Health Agency

  • Improve patient access to care and satisfaction
  • Encourage the patient to be a member of the care team rather than an object of care
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of communication between patients and their health care team
  • Improve documentation and workload capture
  • Help reduce unnecessary telephone calls, clinical appointments and emergency room visits

Downloadable Fact Sheet (PDF)

Requesting an Account or Technical Assistance

If you're a new user, contact the clinic administrative staff at your military hospital or clinic. If you're already registered for secure messaging, contact:

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