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Enabling Drug-Drug and Drug-Allergy Check with the DoD Clinical Data Repository/VA Health Data Repository (CHDR)

CHDR allows the exchange of computable outpatient pharmacy and drug allergy information for shared patients.

The DoD Clinical Data Repository/VA Health Data Repository (CHDR) application enables the Department of Defense’s Clinical Data Repository and the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Health Data Repository to exchange computable outpatient pharmacy and drug allergy information for shared patients.

The Clinical Data Repository, a component of the DoD’s electronic health record, centrally stores patient health care history for all service members and beneficiaries. The VA’s Health Data Repository achieves the same function. The pharmacy and drug allergy data sent from one agency’s repository becomes part of the patient’s permanent medical record in the other agency’s repository.

To achieve the goal of computable interoperability between the agencies, the data must standardize each clinical component (e.g., pharmacy, allergy, etc.). Each agency may use different clinical vocabularies since the CHDR software translates to a mutually-agreed upon “mediating vocabulary” that both systems comprehend. In this way, CHDR software mediates DoD terms into VA terms and provides computable data for decision support, such as drug-allergy or drug-drug interaction checking.

Key Features

  • Provides bidirectional, computable and permanent exchange data between the two clinical data repositories
  • Provides an automated process for marking shared DoD and VA patients as “Active Dual Consumers,” which triggers the electronic exchange of clinical data between the agency repositories
  • Facilitates drug utilization, drug interaction, and allergy checking
  • Provides a web-based application that allows authorized users to mark or unmark patients for data sharing and monitor system availability and performance statistics
  • Allows VA sites to access pharmacy and allergy data translated and exchanged from the DoD and stored in the VA’s repository
  • Operates at all Military Health System sites with a shared patient population
  • Requires no additional hardware or software to integrate into AHLTA

Key Benefits

  • Allows interoperability of electronic data to provide decision support to clinicians
  • Reduces the need to exchange paper records with the VA
  • Enhances the delivery of patient care
  • Increases clinical and administrative efficiency

Downloadable Fact Sheet (PDF)

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