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Capturing Ancillary Documentation using CHCS

CHCS is the major information management system for handling pharmacy, laboratory and radiology as well as scheduling patient appointments.The Composite Health Care System (CHCS) allows clinicians to electronically perform patient appointment processes and scheduling, order laboratory tests, authorize radiology procedures and prescribe medications.

CHCS serves as the foundation for the Department of Defense's electronic health record, AHLTA. Through the Electronic Health Record (EHR), CHCS enables DOD providers to document patient's health information and history, electronically order laboratory and radiology tests/services, retrieve test results and order and prescribe medications. CHCS's Computerized Physician Order Entry function continues to safeguard the care provided to our beneficiaries by reducing the risk of illegible orders and performing drug interaction and appropriateness checks.

Key Features

  • Supports multiple health care administrative activities, including patient administration, scheduling, medical service accounting, medical billing and workload assignments
  • Supports more than 100 Military Health System (MHS) interfaces
  • Allows medical records tracking
  • Includes quality assurance

Key Benefits

  • Serves as the backbone of the MHS EHR business rules since the completion of global deployment in the early 1990s
  • Provides ancillary and business functions for 103 host CHCS sites supporting more than 500 hospitals and clinics
  • Supports 150,000 health care providers and almost 9.5 million beneficiaries
  • Provides secure online access to health records worldwide at any time

Enhancements Phase 2

  • Lab
    • Improves reports by adding lab location information
    • Includes auto validation and labeling for bedside samples
    • Enhances results validation and error tracking from data transmissions between lab equipment and CHCS
    • Includes enhancements to define multiple Common Procedural Terminology codes
    • Allows users to import an Excel document for batch functionality
  • Pharmacy
    • Includes enhancements to the drug utilization reviews
    • Includes functionality for batch prescription entry
  • Patient ID
    • Reduces use of social security numbers and incorporates new DoD unique identifier

Downloadable Fact Sheet (PDF)

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