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Capturing Outpatient Health Care with AHLTA

AHLTA 3.3.8 ScreenshotAHLTA, the military's electronic health record, is a clinical information system that generates, maintains, stores and provides secure electronic access to comprehensive patient records.

Worldwide deployment of AHLTA 3.3 completed in December 2010 and today allows rapid access to patients' health records. The software update implements enhancements based on user requests and lessons learned while focusing on upgrading operational availability, speed, provider capabilities and interoperability with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The system enhancements use an asynchronous capability to minimize the transition time between encounter sub-modules, inputting data, automatic refresh of notifications and order entry connection/login.

AHLTA 3.3.6 Service Pack 1 was released to the services in September 2011. AHLTA SP1, the most significant release since AHLTA 3.3, contains numerous enhancements, bug fixes and improved stabilization.

Key Features

  • Enhancements based on user requests and lessons learned
  • Pediatric growth charts and vital signs
  • Obstetrics summary module providing relevant current and past pregnancy information
  • Management of default templates and problem lists
  • Improved telephone consults module improving workflow
  • Improved coding support
  • Multiple electronic signatures allowed
  • Post-Deployment Health Reassessment tab

Key Benefits

  • Allows for health history modules to always be present for viewing
  • Streamlines reminder workflow allowing support staff to address/document outstanding items
  • Supports care of ill or injured service members
  • Allows for continued AHLTA documentation in the event of network outage
  • Allows for military medical readiness

Service Pack 1 Benefits

  • Provides Windows 7 (32-bit) compatibility
  • Resolves more than 400 user reported issues
  • Resolves the top five tier 1 issues and the top 15 field reported issues
  • Provides access through the common access card
  • Contains upgrades to the embedded commercial-off-the-shelf products
  • Allows embedding of external modules through generic Web browser integration

AHLTA 3.3.7 Enhancements

  • Includes patient encounter note enhancements
  • Prompts users if no procedures were documented in the encounter
  • Includes an expanded Signa in the medications screen
  • Allows users to copy medications to notes
  • Contains Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System and Durable Medical Equipment codes
  • Includes the primary care manager on the appointment and telephone consult list
  • Allows users to view allergies, weight and creatinine information in order entry, medications and order sets
  • Includes new injury cause codes for more accurate coding and documentation

Downloadable Fact Sheet (PDF)

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