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Military Health System

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Solution Delivery Division

Delivering Solutions, Advancing Health Care


To enhance medical readiness and health care delivery through optimized, modernized, and cost-efficient information, simulation, technology, and medical devices acquisition program management, solutions, and services to empower the Department of Defense and our partners.


To be the premier provider of enterprise information, simulation, technology and medical devices acquisition program management solutions to enhance medical readiness and health care delivery.

Key Functions

The SDD provides and sustains information technology capabilities that support the delivery of health care to our service members from battlefield to the home front. Key SDD solutions:

  • Support more than 9 million eligible product users
  • Document clinical encounters and data
  • Process 25,000 requisitions and over $13 million of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals daily
  • Empower patients with access to online military hospital and clinic health care services and information
  • Provide near real time global medical surveillance
  • Manage clinical provider credentials and privileging
  • Track billions of dollars annually in health care services
  • Support patient safety, nutrition services, blood programs, Service Treatment Records, care coordination, occupational health, and more!


Download Our Fact SheetDownload fact sheet   Download the SDD Annual ReportDownload SDD Annual Report


Our Products

Health Services Support

Select from the list below to download.

Integrated Clinical Systems

Select from the list below to download.

Enterprise Clinical Imaging Archive7/21/2023
Picture Archiving and Communication Systems7/21/2023
Technology Assessment and Requirements Analysis7/21/2023

Legacy Evolutionary Analytics Program Management Office

Select from the list below to download.

AHLTA Web Print4/1/2024
Composite Health Care System6/10/2024
Robotic Process Automation Brochure7/13/2023

Medical Logistics Information Technology

Select from the list below to download.

DML-ES - Core5/8/2023
DML-ES — SAP5/8/2023
DMLES LogiCole5/9/2023

Medical Simulation and Training

Select from the list below to download.

Defense Health Agency Texting Solution6/11/2024
Medical Simulation and Training PMO Brochure7/12/2023
Virtual Education Center6/11/2024

Technology Support

Select from the list below to download.

Application Lifecycle Manager8/30/2023
Business Intelligence Common Services9/6/2023
Capacity Services4/1/2024
Identity Authentication Services8/30/2023

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Fact Sheet
Jun 11, 2024

Virtual Education Center

.PDF | 626.36 KB

VEC is Software-as-a-Service platform that provides standardized patient education content to beneficiaries. The application extends the ability to engage millions of beneficiaries and effectively and efficiently promotes the Defense Health Agency goals of improved health and military readiness.

Fact Sheet
Jun 10, 2024

Enterprise Blood Management System - Donor

.PDF | 637.19 KB

EBMS-D allows users to efficiently manage and track donor information, eligibility status, product testing, product history and manufacturing in one view reducing the potential for errors, redundancy, streamlining communications and making it easier to manage deferrals and determine eligibility of donors.

Fact Sheet
Apr 22, 2024 Website

.PDF | 2.49 MB

The website is the organizational web presence for the Military Health System and the Defense Health Agency. In addition to providing a vehicle for official MHS and DHA news and information, provides the central content management system for MHS and DHA business and internal web sites.

Fact Sheet
Apr 1, 2024

Capacity Services

.PDF | 655.35 KB

Capacity Services is a hosting facility provided by the Defense Information Systems Agency and offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service to applications within the Solution Delivery Division.

Fact Sheet
Apr 1, 2024

AHLTA Web Print

.PDF | 682.13 KB

AWP is an application embedded in the AHLTA client workstation that provides the ability to print a patient’s entire AHLTA medical record or a subset, eliminating the need to print each AHLTA encounter or result separately.

Fact Sheet
Apr 1, 2024

DOD Cancer Registry

.PDF | 820.68 KB

The Department of Defense Cancer Registry Program is an enterprise data application and repository used to support Military Health System Cancer treatment and research.

Fact Sheet
Apr 1, 2024

Enterprise Clinical Voice Communications

.PDF | 915.01 KB

ECVC is a staff communications tool used to improve staff interactions and enhance patient care. It allows individual providers, nurses, and groups within specific teams to contact each other through touch free calling.

Fact Sheet
Apr 1, 2024

Veterinary Services Systems Management

.PDF | 753.42 KB

The VSSM software application provides automated support in veterinary health records, financials, inventory, and scheduling management for government-owned animals and privately owned animals of active military and retired service members.

Fact Sheet
Apr 1, 2024

Veterinary Service Information Management System

.PDF | 581.32 KB

VSIMS is a Tri-Service application supporting the Department of Defense’s food safety operations and inspections, veterinary public health, and operational missions. VSIMS ensures the United States Armed Forces and their families receive the safest food and water available at over 700 U.S. military bases and deployed locations around the world.

Fact Sheet
Apr 1, 2024

Navy Medicine Online

.PDF | 713.40 KB

NMO manages the reporting of individual medical and dental information for United States Navy personnel, which includes military, civilians, contractors, and commanders.

Fact Sheet
Feb 6, 2024

Surgical Scheduling System

.PDF | 746.48 KB

S3 is a web-based, automated system that regulates operation room scheduling and reporting processes, allowing the Defense Health Agency to collect enterprise-wide metrics on OR efficiency. S3 facilitates enterprise standardization and integration of health delivery systems and amplifies patient safety.

Last Updated: July 15, 2024
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