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Military Health System

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Solution Delivery Division

Delivering Solutions, Advancing Health Care


To enhance medical readiness and health care delivery through optimized, modernized, and cost-efficient information, simulation, technology, and medical devices acquisition program management, solutions, and services to empower the Department of Defense and our partners.


To be the premier provider of enterprise information, simulation, technology and medical devices acquisition program management solutions to enhance medical readiness and health care delivery.

Key Functions

The SDD provides and sustains information technology capabilities that support the delivery of health care to our service members from battlefield to the home front. Key SDD solutions:

  • Support more than 9 million eligible product users
  • Document clinical encounters and data
  • Process 25,000 requisitions and over $13 million of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals daily
  • Empower patients with access to online military hospital and clinic health care services and information
  • Provide near real time global medical surveillance
  • Manage clinical provider credentials and privileging
  • Track billions of dollars annually in health care services
  • Support patient safety, nutrition services, blood programs, Service Treatment Records, care coordination, occupational health, and more!


Download Our Fact SheetDownload fact sheet   Download the SDD Annual ReportDownload SDD Annual Report


Our Products

Health Services Support

Select from the list below to download.

Integrated Clinical Systems

Select from the list below to download.

Enterprise Clinical Imaging Archive7/21/2023
Picture Archiving and Communication Systems7/21/2023
Technology Assessment and Requirements Analysis7/21/2023

Legacy Evolutionary Analytics Program Management Office

Select from the list below to download.

AHLTA Web Print4/1/2024
Composite Health Care System6/10/2024
Robotic Process Automation Brochure7/13/2023

Medical Logistics Information Technology

Select from the list below to download.

DML-ES - Core5/8/2023
DML-ES — SAP5/8/2023
DMLES LogiCole5/9/2023

Medical Simulation and Training

Select from the list below to download.

Defense Health Agency Texting Solution6/11/2024
Medical Simulation and Training PMO Brochure7/12/2023
Virtual Education Center6/11/2024

Technology Support

Select from the list below to download.

Application Lifecycle Manager8/30/2023
Business Intelligence Common Services9/6/2023
Capacity Services4/1/2024
Identity Authentication Services8/30/2023

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Fact Sheet
Aug 3, 2023

Antimicrobial Stewardship App

.PDF | 803.33 KB

The Antimicrobial Stewardship Application contains information for providers on microbes and how effective drugs are against them based on particular regions. In addition to the information on microbes, COVID-19 and Mpox resources for providers have also been added to the app.

Fact Sheet
Aug 3, 2023

DHA Pediatrics App

.PDF | 835.16 KB

Defense Health Agency Pediatrics App is for pediatricians and contains pediatrics information for various military hospitals and clinics pediatric departments. This password protected app contains a multitude of resources for providers all in one place.

Fact Sheet
Aug 3, 2023

Inside DHA (Enterprise SharePoint)

.PDF | 768.88 KB

Inside DHA is the official information and message center for the Defense Health Agency Director and agency leadership. The site is a dynamic and multi-functional CAC-enabled tool for managing information and for sharing ideas and content across the DHA enterprise.

Fact Sheet
Aug 3, 2023

Tactical Breather App

.PDF | 696.23 KB

Tactical Breather can be used to control physiological and psychological responses to stress. Through repetitive practice and training, anyone can learn to gain control of their heart rate, emotions, concentration and other responses during stressful situations.

Fact Sheet
Aug 3, 2023

Alexander T. Augusta Military Medical Center App

.PDF | 791.18 KB

The Augusta Military Medical Center App is a searchable directory for navigating the military hospital located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The app features an easy-to-use home screen that enables users to quickly find their way to and around the facility, along with links to the hospital pharmacy and laboratory, patient resources and contact information.

Fact Sheet
Aug 1, 2023

Purchased Care Operating System

.PDF | 584.50 KB

The Purchased Care Operating System is composed of TRICARE Encounter Data and Patient Encounter Process Reporting. The TED system processes TRICARE healthcare claims and the PEPR system reports and analyzes the claims processed by TED.

Fact Sheet
Aug 1, 2023


.PDF | 684.42 KB

Web Medcase Requirements and Execution allows the Integrated Clinical Systems Program Management Office to accurately forecast financial needs for future years. The system is vital to ensuring the Defense Health Agency is able to provide timely resources and leverage current technologies in the delivery of health care to its beneficiaries.

Fact Sheet
Jul 31, 2023

Digital Pathology Program

.PDF | 702.15 KB

The Digital Pathology Program is a partnership between the Solution Delivery Division and the Joint Pathology Center to digitize their pathology medical data.

Fact Sheet
Jul 24, 2023

Individual Longitudinal Exposure Record

.PDF | 704.94 KB

ILER is a web-based application that provides the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs personnel the ability to link service member and veteran data to known exposures, ensuring the efficient and effective continuity of individualized health care.

Last Updated: July 15, 2024
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