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Military Health System

Important Notice about Pharmacy Operations

Change Healthcare Cyberattack Impact on MHS Pharmacy Operations. Read the statement to learn more. 

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Open Source Technologies

Below is a sampling of some of the MHS’ Open Source Software available to the public, at no cost.


What is OpenAHLTA?

  • Open source version of the DOD’s battlefield electronic health record system (AHLTA-Theater)
  • Runs on an “open source” basis thanks to a specially negotiated license agreement with original developer Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation
  • Operates on a laptop or in a client server environment
  • Supports laptop documentation of clinical care whether connected to a network or as a stand-alone
  • Utilizes a unique “store and forward” capability that allows data to be housed on a local database until connectivity is restored and transmission is possible

Download or learn more about OpenAHLTA

Download OpenAHLTA (GitHub)


What is OpenHDD?

  • Makes 3M’s Health Data Dictionary available to the public to study, use, change, improve, and share freely
  • Developed for the MHS by 3M
  • Standardizes the way that the medical community records and tracks details of patient medical history
  • Standardizes medical coding by streamlining multiple sets of similar terminology
  • Finds the same code in multiple different languages and gives the data a new "identifier" or code to create a consistent nomenclature
  • Supports achieving semantic interoperability for electronic health records

Download or learn more about OpenHDD


What is SEMOSS?

  • Java-based semantic open source analytics environment
  • Developed by the MHS to support evaluating existing health IM/IT solutions for transition to the future-state electronic health record
  • Allows users to load data and explore its surrounding context
  • Converts excel data into graphs for multi-dimensional analysis
  • Consumes data from multiple repositories in multiple formats
  • Includes interactive graphics, customizable charts, as well as roll-up and drill-down visualizations
  • Leverages cluster algorithms, transitivity, time-series latency analysis, and optimization analysis

Download or learn more about SEMOSS


Last Updated: February 13, 2024
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