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Air Force nurse: 'Strong urge' to continue legacy

2019 National Nurses Week Profile of Air Force Major Angela K. Phillips 2019 National Nurses Week Profile of Air Force Major Angela K. Phillips

Air Force Maj. Angela K. Phillips

Ph.D. student, Uniformed Services University


I knew I wanted to be a nurse when I was a 20-year-old undergraduate student and saw the professionalism and dedication of the Air Force nurses caring for my closest friend, who experienced severe complications after giving birth. When my friend died, the nurses came to her funeral, in service dress. They inspired me not only to become a nurse, but specifically an Air Force nurse with a focus on women's health.

I joined the military because I felt a strong urge to continue the legacy established by my friend's nurses.

The best thing about my job is being part of a community of health care providers and researchers who share my passion for improving and continuing health promotion for women.

My most prominent memory of being a nurse is helping women – those in uniform as well as family members -- understand issues related to their health so they can make informed decisions.

I was most challenged when learning to translate my love for women's health and patient care into useful and meaningful research.

My most memorable patient experience was informing a patient she had cancer and then helping her receive care and treatment by transferring her to an oncologist and a case manager, and also arranging mental health support for her and her family.

When I'm not in uniform, I'm hiking, running, or out with my dogs.

My nurse superpower is my love for research!

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