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Join Nov 21 TRICARE Webinar on Open Season

Take Command of Your Health Take Command of Your Health

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TRICARE Health Program

Open season is here. Be sure to make your choice for 2020 health coverage before open season ends on Dec. 9. If you need help picking a TRICARE health plan or a plan through the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP), join TRICARE for the open season webinar on Nov. 21, from 1 to 2 p.m. ET. Presenters will discuss your options for 2020 health care, dental, and vision coverage. And presenters will answer questions.

Each fall, TRICARE Open Season allows you to enroll in or change your TRICARE Prime (including US Family Health Plan) or TRICARE Select plan for the next year. The Federal Benefits Open Season allows those eligible for FEDVIP dental or vision coverage to enroll in a plan or change their enrollment (for example, individual to family). This webinar will discuss both open seasons.

“If you’re looking to make a change to your health, dental, or vision care, now is the time to act,” said Mark Ellis, chief of the Policy and Programs Section of the TRICARE Health Plan at the Defense Health Agency. “During the webinar, experts can help you explore options and explain how to participate in open season.”

This TRICARE webinar is one of many resources to help you get answers to your questions about open season. You can learn about the differences between TRICARE PrimeA managed care option available in Prime Service Areas in the United States; you have an assigned primary care manager who provides most of your care.TRICARE Prime and TRICARE SelectStarting on January 1, 2018, TRICARE Select replaces TRICARE Standard and Extra. TRICARE Select is a self-managed, preferred provider network plan. TRICARE Select is a fee-for-service option in the United States that allows you to get care from any TRICARE-authorized provider.  Enrollment is required to participate. TRICARE Select by reviewing the TRICARE Plans Overview. Also, 2020 costs are now available. Check out the 2020 TRICARE Costs and Fees Sheet for a preview of next year’s costs and fees for TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Select, and more. These costs and fees go into effect on Jan. 1, as does the coverage you select during open season.

Likewise, you can visit the FEDVIP website to learn more about your options for dental and vision coverage next year. Check your eligibility for FEDVIP, compare FEDVIP plans and rates, and more.

Before you change your plan, remember that if you want to stay in your current TRICARE health plan, you don’t have to take any action during open season. You’ll continue in your current health plan through 2020 or as long as you’re eligible. Similarly, you don’t have to enroll in a FEDVIP plan each year. Once you’re enrolled in a FEDVIP dental or vision plan, your coverage automatically continues as long as you remain eligible for the program.

To learn more about open season and navigate your TRICARE and FEDVIP options, don’t miss the Nov. 21 webinar. A Q&A led by the presenters will follow the presentation.  Register today.

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Recommended Content:

TRICARE Health Program

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