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NMRTC Bremerton Radiology enhances connectivity with MHS GENESIS

Corpsman showing medical equipment to group of people in masks Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Marc Gasbarri provides leadership a tour of the new x-ray equipment at the hospital May 5, 2020. The new premium ceiling digital radiography system provides an advanced low-dose imaging experience and streamlining workflow that saves more time to focus on improved patient care. NMRTC Bremerton supports more than 60,000 military families in West Puget Sound, shaping military medicine through training, mentoring and research to ensure a ready medical force and operationally ready force. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Ryan Riley/Released)

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Bolstered by new state-of-the-art equipment, with up-to-the-minute capabilities and as-soon-as-possible abilities, linking medical imaging to MHS GENESIS continues to advance in proficiency.

Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Command Bremerton’s radiology department unveiled the latest in advanced X-ray technology on May 27, 2020, and by doing so, further enhanced connectivity to the Department of Defense’s new, modern electronic health record – known as MHS GENESIS.

The new x-ray system features digital readout with wireless transfer reporting, directly linked to MHS GENESIS, affording providers immediate availability to view reports and imaging conducted for their patient(s).

“In broad terms, the radiology techs take the X-rays on the new system and then send it to our Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS)- called Synapse. The radiologists then review the images on Synapse and dictate a report. The report for the exam is then sent to MHS GENESIS,” explained Navy Cmdr. Terrel Galloway, NMRTC Bremerton radiologist.

Galloway attests main advantages of the new X-ray machine are the ease of use expressed by the radiology technologists taking the actual X-rays, along with the ability to take dual energy X-rays which helps with chest X-Ray evaluation.

“It is very beneficial for primary care providers to be able to both look at the images in PACS and also receive our reports on MHS Genesis,” said Galloway, noting that the entire process is also fairly close to real time as the radiology technologists load the digital X-ray images right away. 

Hospital Corpsman in mask poses with new medical equipment
Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Marc Gasbarri poses for a photo with the hospital’s new x-ray equipment May 27, 2020. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Ryan Riley/Released)

“Therefore, anyone who has access to the PACS on their computer can look at the images fairly quickly. Depending on the workload and the urgency of the X-ray, they may get interpreted and reported fairly quickly, within an hour if needed immediately, but usually within the day for routine studies,” added Galloway.

The addition of the new equipment can be traced back to 2018 when Navy Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Marc Gasbarri checked into the radiology department. As an X-ray technician, he quickly realized that his new command could use some upgrading to enhance their X-ray capabilities. He then set about the process to replace the old with the new.

Thanks to his proactive determination, adding the new machine further enhances the command’s radiology support capabilities.

“At this point, we have one of the most state-of-the-art facilities out of anywhere,” Gasbarri said, citing that the new radiologic system can support well over 100 patients daily and if necessary, is capable of operating around the clock.

In 2017, the initial deployment in DOD of MHS GENESIS took place at the 92nd Medical Group, Fairchild Air Force Base, Naval Health Clinic Oak Harbor and Madigan Army Medical Center.

Naval Hospital Bremerton was actually the first site with a significant inpatient population to use MHS GENESIS to provide results of radiology studies completed at one military treatment facility for another.

The initial success came two years ago when 92nd Medical Group sent two radiology studies to NHB use of MHS GENESIS, which were read by radiology providers and finalized in approximately 30 minutes.

That set the standard. Using MHS GENESIS eliminated the need for multiple electronic systems which reduced potential errors, increased reliability, and produced prompt results.

“Our new system is instantaneously linked to MHS GENESIS allowing providers to see imaging minutes after it is completed by the technologist. It’s so beneficial, and capable of giving high definition imaging and a more clear interpretation to providers. This system increases our world-wide Navy Medicine mission,” noted Gasbarri.

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