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What is - Too Much to Lose?

Image of An open bottle of pills, with some spilling out on the table. The Defense Health Agency’s Too Much to Lose campaign provides education and prevention resources to service members focused on the prevention of risky drug use. (Photo by Christine Cabalo, Marine Corps Base Hawaii.)

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What is - Too Much to Lose?

Loss of a relationship? Loss of a career? How about loss of the life of a family member or a friend?

What IS– Too – Much - to - Lose??

Recently, the Defense Department launched a new campaign focused on helping service members know the facts and risks related to risky drug use. 

Too Much to Lose focuses on preventing prescription drug misuse and illicit and prohibited drug use. Aligned to the Defense Health Agency, the campaign is “essential to creating optimal outcomes for the health, well-being, and readiness of service members,” said U.S. Public Health Service Capt. Sally Hu, Public Health Division, Total Force Fitness director, DHA.

What does risky drug use mean for service members? 

Risky drug use includes misusing prescription drugs or using illicit or prohibited drugs such as marijuana, hemp, or cannabidiol (also known as CBD) that may be available and often legal in their communities but prohibited for them to use. Service members experience numerous risk factors for risky drug use, including multiple combat deployments, post-traumatic stress disorder, injuries, and chronic pain. 

Too Much to Lose provides education and prevention resources to service members to let them know how risky drug use can negatively impact their health, career, and overall well-being. The campaign covers topics such as how to manage pain, what marijuana legalization means for service members, and how misuse can impact relationships. In addition, it provides resources on non-drug pain management alternatives, and information to help service members stay safe before risky drug use happens.

The campaign complements existing efforts in the DOD, the Services, and among professionals to ensure service members have the information and support they need to understand and address prescription drug misuse and illicit and prohibited drug use. It also provides friends, spouses, co-workers, and family members with the resources to support a service member who may be struggling with or contemplating risky drug use.

Visit to find articles, print materials, and interactive tools such as an anonymous knowledge quiz. 

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