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Findings – U.S. Armed Forces •	From 2008 to 2016, there were 342 acute and 1,491 chronic incident cases of HCV infection among active component members •	Annual incidence rates of chronic HCV infection diagnoses decreased 57.4% over the surveillance period •	92% of service members diagnosed with acute HCV infection were subsequently diagnosed with chronic HCV •	Rates of diagnoses of acute HCV infection remained relatively stable during the nine-year surveillance period. Service members at risk of acute HCV infection •	Aged 19 years or younger and enlisted •	Served in the Navy and Army for 2 years or less •	Had never been deployed Service members at risk of chronic HCV infection •	Aged 40 years or older and enlisted •	Served in the Army and Navy for  less than 2 years Findings – MHS non-service member beneficiaries •	There were 2,541 acute and 21,418 chronic HCV cases among non-service member beneficiaries •	Annual numbers of incident diagnoses of both acute and chronic HCV infections decreased 76.9% and 21.3%, respectively during the surveillance period. Non-service member beneficiaries at risk of chronic HCV infection •	Other race/ethnicity groups •	Born before 1965 U.S. Armed Forces bar graph shows annual numbers of incident cases and annual incidence rates of acute and chronic HCV infections for 2008-2016 and incidence rate per 100,000 p=yrs (lines).  Second bar graph is the count of HCV cases among MHS beneficiaries, by HCV infection type, 2008-2016 , showing  number of cases for total no. chronic and total no. acute. Access the report in MSMR Vol. 24 No. 5 – May 2017 at  On graphic is an image of a man’s Silhouette with his liver highlighted.

This infographic documents numbers and incidence rates of acute and chronic HCV infections among service members and beneficiaries of the Military Health System (MHS).

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