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Did you know that exposure to heat and heat-related illnesses can cause a spectrum of disorders that includes minor conditions such as heat cramps to the more severe condition known as heat stroke? To protect U.S. service members, it is important for commanders, small unit leaders, training cadre, and supporting medical personnel to encourage the use of the buddy system to prevent these conditions – especially during training at recruit centers and installations. The buddy system pairs service members to stay motivated and hold each other accountable of their physical limits during training exercises. Protecting Service Members from Heat Illness •	Do not exercise when sick. Intense workouts can increase susceptibility to illness, including infection and diarrhea. •	Dump heat by taking a cold shower or ice slush immersion before a workout. •	Wear a cooling vest to keep skin cool and dry in the heat. Learn more about heat illness prevention at Stay cool. Stay hydrated. Stay informed. #BeatTheHeat Source: Dr. Francis G. O’Connor, a professor and chair of Military and Emergency Medicine and associate director for the Consortium on Health and Military Performance at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

This infographic documents the use of the buddy system to prevent heat-related illnesses.

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