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Cybersecurity Awareness

You can store and track your personal health and fitness information in many ways:

  • Fitness tracking wearables
  • Mobile devices and Apps
  • Online web services, such as Personal Health Records (PHRs)

This makes it easier for you to be in charge of your health information. But, this technology may increase the possibility your health information is stolen. 

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Protecting Military Health System (MHS) patient health information is everyone’s responsibility, from the Chief Medical Information Officer to the medical provider, and of equal importance, to you and each of your family members—the patients. Our goal is to empower you and your family to protect health care information under your control and lower the risk of cyber crimes.

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Go to or, download any of the following materials:

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Fact Sheets

Protect Your Identity
Risks of Smart Toys
Cyber Awareness


Work with Kids
Avoid Sharing Your Personal Information
Secure Your Baby’s Monitor
Don’t Put Up With Cyberbullies
Only Click on Authentic Links
It's Never Too Early
Keep Your Name Private Online
Military Family Readiness
Guard Your Cell Phone
Navy Family
AirForce Family
Think Twice
Disable Bluetooth or WiFi
Fitness Wearables and Apps
Maintain Physical Control of Your Devices
Virus and Malware Protection
Keep Health Information on Track
Use the Internet Wisely

5-Day Cyberfit Plan Day 1: Password Protect Your Devices
Day 2: Clean Out Your Mobile Apps
Day 3: Protect Your Stored Information
Day 4: Share Your Information Wisely
Day 5: Beware of Health Information Fraud
Recipe Cards Creating a Cyberfit Device
Creating the Perfect Password
Creating a Secure Medical Device

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