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MHS GENESIS Patient Portal

MHS GENESIS is the Military Health System's new electronic health record.


What is MHS GENESIS Patient Portal?


The MHS GENESIS Patient Portal is a secure website for 24/7 access to your healthcare information, including managing appointments, and exchanging messages with the healthcare team anytime and anywhere. This Patient Portal replaces TRICARE Online Patient Portal and Secure Messaging.  


How do I access my electronic health record (EHR)?


To access the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal visit:

There are three ways you can log in to MHS GENESIS Patient Portal:

  • Logging in with your Department of Defense Self-Service (DS) Logon (see FAQ - DS LOGON)
  • Logging in with your common access card (CAC)
  • Logging in using a Personal Identity Verification (PIV)


What is a PIV?


A PIV is a Personal Identity Verification. When first logging in, the user will need to register their PIV by entering their name, date of birth, person identifier, and DSL username/password then the user can use their PIV to log into DSL. If the DSL account is deactivated, the user will need to create a new DSL account and re-register their PIV card.


What can I do within the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal?


The MHS GENESIS Patient Portal securely connects a patient with their health care team and empowers them to become the driver of their health care. With the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal, a beneficiary can:

  • View your health information
  • Exchange secure messages with your care team
  • Request medication renewals
    • Renewals can be requested when a prescription has no refills left, or has expired, and the patient needs to continue taking the medication (in this case, healthcare staff evaluate and create a new prescription, if appropriate)
  • View notes from your clinical visits and lab/test results, such as blood tests
  • Schedule medical appointments
  • Access high-quality, provider-approved health information related to your health concerns, lab results and medications


Will the VA use the same system?


Yes. DOD, VA, the U.S. Coast Guard and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Corps are all implementing this new single, common electronic health record that will stay with a service member from the time of their entry into the military through veteran status.


What do I do when I can't get access to my patient portal?


For questions regarding accessing your patient portal through DS Logon, visit:; or contact the Defense Manpower Data Center at: (800) 368-3665 


What do I do If I'm having technical issues within my Patient Portal?


For support relating to MHS GENESIS Patient Portal issues, please contact: the Global Service Center at (800) 600-9332, or your local Patient Portal Champion.


Will I have access to previous messages with my provider?


You will use the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal to communicate securely with your provider once your site transitions to MHS GENESIS. Previous secure messages will be available to you in the TRICARE Online Patient Portal Secure Messaging "Messages" menu item until the TRICARE Online Patient Portal is fully decommissioned in 2024. Once decommissioned, you would no longer have access to messages within the TRICARE Online Patient Portal Secure Messaging.


What happens when I PCS to/from an MHS GENESIS location?


Patients can continue to view/download their health records for past data (data from prior to transitioning to MHS GENESIS) on TRICARE Online Patient Portal Current patient health record data (after transition to MHS GENESIS) will be available on MHS GENESIS Patient Portal


When will all hospitals and clinics have MHS GENESIS?


MHS GENESIS is scheduled to be fully deployed across the Military Health System at happens by the end of calendar year 2023, to include hospitals and clinics overseas.


What safeguards are in place to protect patient data?


We strive to maintain the most advanced cybersecurity capabilities in the world. DOD cybersecurity tools and personnel are embedded within the datacenter boundary to ensure the data MHS GENESIS exchanges is monitored, protected, and defended from cyberattacks. We established and maintain continuous cyber assessments. The DOD sets the standard for cybersecurity, and we invested significant time and resources to satisfy those requirements.


What do I do if I'm having issues within the Patient Portal?


If you are in your Patient Portal, and having issues, please contact the Global Service Center at 1-(800) 600-9332.

Last Updated: February 27, 2024
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