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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers: Contact Us - Questionnaire

TRICARE Retail Pharmacy Refund Questionnaire

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Contact the TRICARE Retail Refund Team and FAQs

When do I have to fill out a Questionnaire?


If you are a new Manufacturer to the TRICARE Retail Refund Program and/or if there are any changes in POC or address for your company you must complete a TRICARE Retail Pharmacy Refund Questionnaire. Each section of the Questionnaire must be completed prior to submitting to  


If I already have access to the TRICARE Retail Refund Website, do I need to submit a Questionnaire?


You must submit a Questionnaire listing you as a POC for every new labeler code you require utilization access to.


Can a new POC simply be added to a Questionnaire or does another POC have to be replaced?


A manufacturer may add up to, but no more than, a total of three POCs. The primary POC must be an employee of the manufacturer, the secondary and alternate POCs may be either an employee of the manufacturer or a third party consulting company. If the manufacturer in question has two different POCs on their current Questionnaire, the manufacturer may add one additional POC on the new Questionnaire. 

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