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Reproductive Health: Considerations Regarding Access to Covered Abortion Services for Minors

Considerations Regarding Access to Covered Abortion Services for Minors

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Reproductive Health Q&A

How does the DOD address access to covered abortion services for minors?


In all cases involving minors, DOD personnel should immediately consult with the servicing legal counsel.

As with adults, for minors, all necessary medical and psychological services and supplies related to a covered abortion may be provided by the MTF or by a TRICARE authorized provider. This may include ultrasound performed prior to the abortion, pathology services, pregnancy tests, office visits, and any applicable requirements mandated by state and/or local laws.

When an MTF provider encounters a child the provider suspects has been sexually abused, the child will be given priority for care at an MTF.

MTF providers will refer DOD minor-dependents who are victims of sexual assault for follow-on care, which may include referral to a Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate (DAVA) or Family Advocacy Program. A DAVA coordinates and manages care for a victim of sexual assault that occurs within a family or between intimate partners. FAP/DAVA clinicians are covered professionals who are required to report suspected child abuse directly to local civilian child welfare services in accordance with law and DOD policy.

Last Updated: August 16, 2022

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