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MHS Quadruple Aim

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The ultimate goal for the Military Health System (MHS), the MHS Quadruple Aim, represents the MHS leadership’s commitment to delivering value to all they serve and is aligned with the MHS strategic goals and value proposition to include: Readiness: Ensuring that the total military force is medically ready to deploy and that the medical force is ready to deliver health care anytime, anywhere in support of the full range of military operations, including humanitarian missions.

  • Population Health: Improving the health of a population by encouraging healthy behaviors and reducing the likelihood of illness through focused prevention and the development of increased resilience. 
  • Experience of Care: Providing a care experience that is patient and family centered, compassionate, convenient, equitable, safe and always of the highest quality. 
  • Per Capita Cost: Creating value by focusing on quality, eliminating waste, and reducing unwarranted variation; considering the total cost of care over time, not just the cost of an individual health care activity.

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Medical Management (MM) Programs in the Direct Care System (DCS) and Remote Areas

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