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Military Health System

MHS Health Care Glossary

Military Health System (MHS) Health Care Glossary serves as the official repository and consolidated reference (as a secondary source) for terms and definitions used within the MHS. Some terms may have multiple and varying definitions based on the context and primary source of authority. Note that certain definitions may be approved only for limited use in a single primary reference document, while others may have broad applicability in multiple contexts and issuances. To determine the most appropriate definition in a particular context, consult all relevant source documents. Any disparities between this Glossary and primary sources are unintentional, and the primary source shall control.

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OASD (HA) Case File 11-79

FOIA Document

OASD (HA) Case File 22-79

FOIA Document

OASD (HA) Case File 13-79

FOIA Document

OASD (HA) Case File 15-79

FOIA Document

OASD (HA) Case File 16-79

FOIA Document

OASD (HA) Case File 14-79

FOIA Document

OASD (HA) Case File 07-79

FOIA Document

OASD (HA) Case File 06-79

FOIA Document

OASD (HA) Appeal File 12-79

FOIA Document

OASD (HA) Case File 08-79

FOIA Document

OASD (HA) Case File 09-79

FOIA Document

OASD (HA) Case File 04-79

FOIA Document

OASD (HA) Appeal File 05-79

FOIA Document

OASD (HA) Appeal File 03-79

FOIA Document

OASD (HA) Appeal File 02-79

FOIA Document
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Last Updated: April 03, 2020
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