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Military Health System

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Do Ask, Do Tell: Coming Out Day Reflections and Recommendations


This year marked the 34rd anniversary of LGBTQIA+ National Coming Out Day, which was celebrated on Oct. 11, 2022. In honor of this occasion, I write this blog as a queer person and with the privilege of being “out” in a space of relative personal, professional, and social safety.

The Gulf War Story


Story of the Gulf War and its outcomes

Modeling the Chemical Warfare Agent Release at the Khamisiyah Pit, Sept. 4, 1997


In September 1995, CIA analysts identified Khamisiyah as a key site that needed to be investigated because of its proximity to Coalition forces and the ambiguities surrounding the disposition of chemical weapons at the site; CIA informed DOD of its findings.

Al Jaber Air Base: Sept. 25, 1997


Many veterans of the Gulf War have been experiencing a variety of physical symptoms, collectively called Gulf War illnesses. In response to veterans’ concerns, the Department of Defense (DOD) established a task force in June 1995 to investigate all possible causes. On November 12, 1996, responsibility for these investigations was assumed by the ...

Al Jaber Air Base, Final Report: Sept. 13, 2001


This particular case narrative focuses on several incidents during the 1st Marine Division’s efforts to capture Al Jaber air base, Kuwait. On Feb. 24 and 25, 1991, Marines near this base were advised several times to don chemical protective equipment due to possible chemical warfare agent presence. We published an interim narrative on Sept. 25, 1997, ...

11th Marines: Nov. 5, 1998


The 11th Marines was a reinforced artillery regiment, tailored for the ground campaign ("task organized") by adding elements of other artillery units. It fought with five battalions, each having three or (in one case) four batteries. Most batteries had eight guns, mainly towed 155 mm howitzers. The 11th Marines supported the entire 1st Marine Division ...

Agent of SWAT: 1st Lt. Kirbee Clover

Agent of SWAT: 1st Lt. Kirbee Clover

1st Lt. Kirbee Clover is a worker bee. She can fly up to 12 miles per hour. The hairs on the back of her head and legs are great for pollinating flowers! The Special Winged Action Team, or SWAT, is our band of bug ambassadors who want to educate YOU about bugs during Bug Week!

Human Subject Research at Fort Detrick


Questions and answers about Human Subject Research at Ft. Detrick

MLK Day National Day of Service: Remember. Celebrate. Act.

MLK infographic

How Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy still affects us today.

How Blue Angels and Thunderbirds Keep Flying 300 Days a Year

U.S. Air Force Capt. (Dr.) Travis Grindstaff at Nellis Aviation National air show

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels and U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds high-performance demonstration teams rely on their flight surgeons to sustain their readiness for more than 300 shows a year.

Exciting Time to be at NASA: USU Alumnus, Army Doc Heads to Space

Close-up of an astronaut

U.S. Army Astronaut Lt. Col. (Dr.) Frank Rubio, a 2010 graduate of the Uniformed Services University, successfully launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, aboard a Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft, Sept. 21, for a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station.

The Need for Speed Requires Intense Training

 Military personnel conducts routine ops in US 3rd Fleet

Tom Cruise has nothing on real military pilots and their training.

Final Days in Afghanistan: Lab Techs Stepped Up to Support Withdrawal

Final Days in Afghanistan Lab Techs Stepped Up to Support Withdrawal

“Prior to the attack, teams were preparing to leave the area. Suddenly, everything changed, and our main goal shifted from COVID-19 support to blood supply and triage.”

How Drones Will Transform Battlefield Medicine – and Save Lives

Drones carrying fresh blood products to wounded troops on the front lines may be critical for military medicine in a conflict against a "near-peer" adversary.

Emerging technology may use drones to deliver blood products for wounded troops on the front lines of combat. That capability may be critical in a "near-peer" conflict.

How One Military Nurse Persevered Through the COVID-19 Response

Air Force Capt. Courtney Ebeling, a medical-surgical nurse at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph Family Health Clinic, Texas, was deployed to support the COVID-19 response in Afghanistan in 2021. They administered vaccinations to U.S. citizens, service members, and foreign military members as well as supported the preparation to withdraw from the country. (Photo: Courtesy of Air Force Capt. Courtney Ebeling)

Nurses across the Military Health System have played a vital role in providing routine patient care and meeting the needs of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Last Updated: August 25, 2020
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